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The $1 Bakery Find That Made Me a Lidl Loyalist

published Nov 25, 2023
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LATVIA, RIGA, 24, AUGUST, 2023: Modern equipment for freshly baked bread products for the convenience of buyers in Lidl supermarket, Riga. Latvia.
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I’m a pretty loyal grocery shopper, in that I rarely stray from my (basically two) usual haunts. I’m not in the habit of hopping from store to store for the end-all, be-all lowest prices. I essentially have a Myspace Top 2. That is, until I discovered a new Lidl location was opening up near me; then, of course, I had to throw my whole roster out the window.

What started as casually flirting with the idea of just stopping by a Lidl ended up with me consistently with a sale flier in hand, reusable bags at the ready, and nearly getting a “I heart Lidl” tattoo on my forearm. I never looked back once I tried just one item in particular: the butter croissants. 

Not only are they only $.79 a pop, but they’re also basically better than the freshly baked ones I get from my local bakery (that often go for at least six to eight times the price). How does Lidl do this witchcraft? I may never know, but I’m finally ready to stop gatekeeping this bakery gem. 

Credit: Mackenzie Filson

What’s So Great About Lidl’s Butter Croissants?

Okay, so once you pick up your jaw off the ground from spotting that low, low price, you can get to eating one of these puppies. What you’ll soon discover is that these are the platonic ideal of a croissant: buttery, light, flaky, and airy in the middle and ready for slicing into crois-sandwiches or stuffing with something sweet and dreamy, like chocolate hazelnut spread.

Plus, they freeze up like a dream, so they’re a great thing to stock up on when they’re actually in stock because, as you’ll find, they’re pretty popular to those in-the-know. It was nearly an occupational hazard just to take a picture of these croissants over all the frenzy of other customers trying to get their share. 

What’s the Best Way to Use Lidl’s Butter Croissants?

While eating them all on their own is a valid and worthy endeavor (I personally like to rip the flaky layers and dunk them straight in a milky coffee), why stop there? Anytime I can, I try to use these croissants to bring me back to my Italian vacations of yore. If that sounds just as delectable to you, do yourself a big favor and stuff your croissants Italian cornetto-style with a dollop of crunchy pistachio cream, apricot jam, or fresh whipped cream and berries.

Feeling more savory in your future? It goes without saying that these are the ideal vehicle for all sorts of sandwich fillings, like chicken salad, ham and cheese, or the best BLT you’ve had in recent memory. If you did yourself the aforementioned favor of stocking up on these croissants, you’ll be so glad you did; those croissants are going to be so happy in a savory breakfast casserole (or even a sweet one, for that matter). 

Find it in stores: Butter Croissants, $.79 per croissant at Lidl

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