The 10 Best Gifts to Buy for Your Friends and Family Members Celebrating an October Birthday

updated Sep 27, 2019
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Credit: From Left to Right: Brightland, Amazon, MoMA Design Store

It’s time to start buying birthday gifts for all the people out there born in October. And like every other month so far this year, we’re going to use the stars to guide our shopping strategy. Ninth-generation astrologer (yes, you read that right — ninth!) Janet Amid gave us her thoughts on what to get for your favorite fall babies. These are the 10 most appropriate gifts for the Libras and Scorpios in your life.

Credit: Brightland

1. The Duo

“Tap into Libra’s heart — they adore anything that relates to love or coupling,” says Amid. This set couples two very special bottles of olive oil: one specially blended for cooking and another for dressings. It doesn’t hurt that the bottles are incredibly well-designed and the olive oil is super high-quality.

Buy: The Duo, $74 for two 12.7-ounce bottles at Brightland

2. Waterfall Coupe Glasses

Scorpio is a water sign, so anything related to H20 is a good choice. “Think unique glassware in deep colors,” says Amid. She suggests a set of fancy coupes in a jewel tone like deep magenta, purple, or blue. This hand-painted ombre set from Anthropologie is sure to be a winner.

Buy: Waterfall Coupe Glasses, $64 for four at Anthropolgie

Credit: World Market

3. Round Wood and Copper Inlay Tray

“Most Libras are all about socializing, and they love surprises,” says Amid. How about a decorative tray with a graphic motif? It’ll be a new item, which she can trot out for her next dinner dinner party.

Buy: Round Wood and Copper Inlay Tray, $40 at World Market

Credit: Amazon

4. Nutribullet Pro

According to Amid, people with birthdays that fall under the Scorpio sign are usually very health conscious. For that reason, she suggests a juicer or blender with a lot of power, so your Scorpio can make smoothies, nut butters, and soups from scratch. The Nutribullet Pro 900, which just launched in a bunch of fun new colors, should do the trick.

Buy: Nutribullet Pro 900 in Berry Pink, $80

5. Reversible Glass Vase

“Creative and whimsical, Libras are natural artists,” says Amid. So, consider gifting her this vase, which can be used in two ways. Your Libra can go to town, creating different arrangements in it.

Buy: Reversible Glass Vase, $65 at MoMA Design Store

6. Sonya Shabu Stainless Steel Electric Wok Mongolian Hot Pot

A slow cooker is not for a Scorpio, says Amid. The stinger sign wants food made in a fast, quick, and efficient manner. That’s why a hot pot is a better, more interactive choice. With one of these gadgets, they can get their whole family or a group of friends involved in making dinner.

Buy: Sonya Shabu Stainless Steel Electric Wok Mongolian Hot Pot with Broiler, $60 at The Home Depot

Credit: Target

7. Threshold Marble & Acacia Wood Coasters

Libras take pride in their homes and being hospitable, says Amid, so something like a classy coaster set would be right up their alley. All those guests need a place to put their drinks, right?

Buy: Threshold Marble & Acacia Wood Coasters, $12 for four at Target

8. Universal Yums Box

“In astrology, most Scorpios define themselves through desire and intensity,” says Amid. “They are fueled by mystery, ownership, and passion.” That’s why Scorpios would be into the novelty of a Universal Yums box subscription. Even if it’s just for one month, they’ll be presented with a bunch of unfamiliar snacks from a country around the globe.

Buy: Universal Yums Box, from $29 for a 12-snack box (1 month) at Universal Yums

Credit: Unison

9. Normann Copenhagen White Block Cart

Libras are always about clean lines and proportions, says Amid. Got it. How about the smallest, most modern little bar cart? She can use it to corral all her cooking and baking supplies or, you know, booze. It’s a little splurgy, so make it a group gift.

Buy: Normann Copenhagen White Block Cart, $310 at Unison

10. Bamboo Salad Hands

Playing off Scorpio’s love of health and wellness, Amid suggests a set of beautiful wooden hand-shaped salad grabbers. Scorpios love a big salad!

Buy: Bamboo Salad Hands with Walnut Finish, $19 at Williams Sonoma