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This Lettuce Wrap Is a Delicious Keto-Friendly Lunch

published Jul 20, 2018
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Turkey wraps with lettuce and tomato, cross section view
(Image credit: Lexi’s Clean Kitchen)

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Just as we’ve all begun to get over the “Is a hotdog a sandwich?” debate (it is, according to Merriam Webster!), I now present you with a new kind of conundrum: Is this lettuce wrap a salad or a sandwich?

While you ruminate over that, let’s gather the ingredients necessary to make these.

1. Iceberg lettuce


Okay, yes, iceberg lettuce isn’t exactly the coolest leafy green in the produce aisle, but that doesn’t mean we should write it off as a sad shrimp cocktail platter garnish or a humble wedge salad foundation forever. This clever lettuce wrap sandwich idea is iceberg’s moment in the sun!

You can fill these lettuce wraps with just about anything: Turn them into BLTs, Italian heros, chicken Caesar wraps, or turkey clubs. Fill them with egg salad, tuna, grilled chicken, or veggies. As the recipe author says, “The options are endless!” Go ahead, go crazy!

The secret to wrapping these up tighter than a sleeping bag? A simple parchment paper hack. Assemble large leaves of iceberg in layers on top of a square of parchment paper and stuff with your desired fillings. Once you’re ready to roll, use the parchment paper as a guide to tuck and roll the lettuce around the fillings, working in steps until your sandwich/salad resembles a burrito. Now all that’s left to do is decide what you are going to call it. Choose wisely!

→ Get the Recipe: Lettuce Wrap Sandwiches from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

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