12 Cheeky Letter Boards That Totally Describe All Our Thoughts on Food

published Aug 21, 2018
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(Image credit: The Kitchn)

Whether you love the letter board trend or happen to be totally over it, you must admit that some of the sayings that pop up on your Instagram feed are pretty darn brilliant — especially the ones about food.

We rounded up 12 of the funniest, most spot-on ones we could find. Use them for inspiration for your own board (we’ve also included some shopping links, in case you find yourself in the market for one!), or just scroll through to get a good chuckle.

(Image credit: The Kitchn)
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Walnut Letter Board, $45 at KnotKnotOutfitters (Image credit: KnotKnotOutfitters)

Get Your Own

  1. Walnut Letter Board, $45 at KnotKnotOutfitters: Instead of felt, this board is made of walnut, which makes it feel more substantial.
  2. Felt Letter Board, from $20: This Amazon bestseller comes in the usual gray or black — as well as other fun colors like pink, mint green, and lavender.
  3. Black Felt Letter Board, $20: If you want something super simple, this 12- by 16-inch letter board looks a lot like the ones you’ve been seeing on Instagram.
  4. Hexagon Letter Board, $35 at NorthwellGoods: There’s just something so fun about this shape! It also comes in a few colors.
  5. Pastel Letter Board Letters, $5 for 152 pieces at HavensPlace: In case you need extra letters or want to add some color to your board.

1. This is like that saying about happy hour — only about cake.

2. Seriously, though, is there anything that a bowl of queso can’t fix?

3. We’ve all been there (on a weekly basis): You know those times you don’t know what you want for dinner but you know what you don’t want? This quote captures that perfectly.

4. We hope it’s the latter. Always.

5. Admit it: This one is true whether or not you have kids.

6. Yes! That’s 100 percent it! So tragic.

7. Not to be dramatic or anything.

8. That’s what nutritionists mean, right?

9. How have people not noticed this before? From now on, we only serve winner during the week.

10. We’ve never met a donut that couldn’t be trusted.

11. Way to switch things up!

12. It doesn’t get more inspirational than this, folks.

Have you seen (or come up with) any other really funny ones? Add them in the comments below!