Let’s Talk Gravy: How Often Do You Really Make It?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Might as well dive right into the holiday food conversations! From the mashed potatoes to the Brussels sprouts, gravy is the tie that binds everything on the Thanksgiving plate. It’s a wonder we don’t make it more often, honestly. Do you find that’s true? Or do you make gravy more often throughout the year?

I’ll make a pan sauce from reduced cooking juices or after deglazing a pan, but I wouldn’t really call any of these sauces “gravy.” I’m not usually thickening them with starch as I do with a Thanksgiving gravy, so they seem simpler and less decadent.

No, I’d have to say that gravy feels like the special purview of Thanksgiving to me. Just saying it invokes a sense of having spent all day cooking, being surrounded by friends and family, and savoring every bite of rich gravy-coated food. We make pan sauces the rest of the year, but on Thanksgiving, we make gravy.

Then again, biscuits and gravy are starting to sound pretty good right about now… What do you think?

(Image: Flickr member Cameron Nordholm licensed under Creative Commons)