Let’s Talk Carrots: Love or Hate, Here Are 5 Ways to Use Them

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I’m going to level with you. Carrots are not my favorite. I’ll tolerate raw sticks as long as they’re super fresh, super cold, and super covered in ranch dressing. But cooked? My feeling is meh. This said, there are a few places where even I feel that carrots will hold their own.

  1. Homemade Stock: Gotta have carrots. Without them, both chicken and vegetable stocks lack an essential sweet character and taste decidedly one-dimensional.
  2. Stews: Beef stew, lentil stew, or chicken soup all need at least one carrot in the mix. Not only do carrots add a touch of sweetness to the broth as the soup simmers, just like with stock, but the vegetable itself adds balance to a rich and hearty stew like nothing else.
  3. Cake: We’re talking carrot cake, of course! I love this cake with all my heart, and it’s not just because of the cream cheese frosting. Baking the carrots seems to transform the shreds of carrot into something lush and not-too-sweet.
  4. Slaw: Slaws made with shredded carrots in the mix take full advantage of the crunch of raw carrots while adding the bonus of a zingy dressing. I like ones that mix carrots with ingredients like cabbage and beets the best.
  5. Pickled: If you’ve never tried a pickled carrot, put it on your list. Even carrot un-lovers like me will munch these extra-crispy, vinegary sticks until the entire jar is empty.

Do you love carrots? Or hate them? Either way, where do find yourself using carrots the most?