Let’s Get Really Excited About Rhubarb With These 10 Recipes

Rhubarb gives me a little thrill when I see it for the first time at the grocery store in the spring, because it signals the start of a whole new season. While this first sign of spring can grow well into the summer in cooler climates, many markets quit carrying it by June. So eat up now!

And don’t stop at pie — we have a rhubarb crumble pie, yes, but also a Big Pink Cake, a rhubarb margarita, and even rhubarb curd and rhubarb juice! Here are ten ways to really get into rhubarb this month.

(Image credit: Leela Cyd)

Personally, I think you can’t beat rhubarb poached and eaten over yogurt, or folded into whipped cream. I also love it in this lavender-infused crisp. What about you? What’s your favorite rhubarb indulgence this time of year?

10 Rhubarb Recipes

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