5-Minute Freezer Side Dish: Sweet & Spicy Broccoli

(Image credit: Christine Han)

Move over, steamed broccoli. Inspired by a favorite green bean side dish, these broccoli florets get a sweet, fiery boost and a crunchy nut topping.

Sweet & Spicy Broccoli: Watch the Video

Why This 5-Minute Side Deserves a Spot on Your Table

On its own, steamed broccoli can be boring, but this simple side proves it doesn’t take much to give this green veggie a big upgrade. Spicy harissa and plump golden raisins turn an otherwise mild bowl of broccoli into a spicy-sweet side that ignites the senses. Chopped almonds get tossed in at the end to add some serious crunch.

How to Do It

Microwave a bag of frozen broccoli, according to the package instructions, just until cooked through. Stir in about 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 to 2 teaspoons of harissa (depending on how hot you like it) and mix so the broccoli is fully coated. Top with a handful of golden raisins and a handful of chopped almonds, and toss to combine.

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