Let Fall Fruit Do the Decorating for You

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Brainstorming ways to bring some seasonal color into your home? Look no further than your kitchen! Fall fruit is a pretty, yummy, and easy way to decorate this time of year: It does all the work for you:

The formula really goes like this: Find a dish, basket, bowl, or tray that’s plain enough that it doesn’t steal the show. Put fruit on it. Try not to eat it so fast that you don’t enjoy its beauty for at least a little bit. Here are the examples shown above:

1: Apples (our favorite – granny smiths) are simply set out on a cake stand. How’s that for easy?

2: Pomegranates’ deep color and pleasing shape are celebrated in these place holders for autumn entertaining.

3: Another simple decoration where the fruit does all the work: Place persimmons – one of the beauties of the season – in a wooden bowl. The natural wood with the deep orange of the persimmons’ skins is so pretty.

4: A dish of quinces look especially charming laid out on an antique dish. We love their lumpy imperfection against a sort of girly dish.

5: Pears-a-plenty fill a large, handled bowl. We also like the idea of using brown Bartlett pears in a wooden bowl for a monotone look.