3 Inspiring Lessons We Learned from This Condo’s Perky Pink Kitchen

published Mar 24, 2022
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Interior designer Dane Austin had a lot to play with when he got to work on this Boston condo. The space had interesting angles, a large kitchen island and dining area, and two guest bedrooms. The size was the most notable (1,200 square feet!) because the clients had recently moved there from a smaller Manhattan apartment.

“This couple was coming from a rental half this size, so they were excited. I love to develop their ideas and inspiration and elevate the look of the final space to a level beyond their imagination and expectation,” explains Austin.

We took the tour, and we were immediately smitten by the unexpected color choice of the kitchen. While we took a look, we spotted three lessons worth stealing. Follow us — and we’ll show you just what we mean.

1. Be bold with color.

Austin used a colorful palette to spice up the home, but the central color throughout is a pale yet perky pink (Benjamin Moore Paisley Pink, to be exact). Of his clients, Austin says, “She was drawn to a neutral color combo while her husband preferred the mint and cherry red.”

You don’t have to know much about color theory in order to make similarly bold pairings. Try this: Pick a color, and think about its various shades. For example, if you love red, pink might be a subtle variation. Or look at the gradual shades on a paint strip at the hardware store. For something really bold and bright, you could even refer to a color wheel, which will tell you which colors work well together.

2. Play with textures.

Besides the gorgeous and peppy color, we also love the textures Austin used throughout the kitchen. “We knew we wanted to bring the pink color down to the center of the room, but we wanted it to be an interesting textured finish,” Austin says of the cute kitchen island. “I love how the pattern is reminiscent of a snakeskin or crocodile handbag.”

Adding texture means creating visual interest. In this space, Austin adds texture along the island, with the backsplash, and with the eye-catching, retro pendant lights from Roll and Hill. An easy way to add texture is to use various materials in one space. Plants help, too!

3. Design around the stuff you want to reuse.

While new is certainly nice, it’s also meaningful to choose decor with sweet sentiments. In this case, two favorite relics from the couple’s former home helped Austin pull his design together. Those bold, retro pendant fixtures hanging over the kitchen island? They came with the couple from New York. “It just felt like they were bringing a little piece of New York with them to Boston,” explains Austin.

The painting in the dining area is another item brought from New York. “The piece pulls the colors of each room together into the center of the home, and it’s the first thing you see when you walk through the door,” Austin says of the striking artwork that helped inspire the pink palette.

What do you love about this kitchen? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.