The 10 Best Gifts You Can Possibly Buy for Your Loved Ones with August Birthdays

updated Aug 6, 2019
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Summer (the year?) is just flying by! Somehow, it’s already time to celebrate all those August-born babies. To help, we asked professional astrologer and life coach Natha Campanella for her cosmic wisdom. We wanted her suggestions on what to buy for the August babes in our orbit. And she came back with these stellar ideas for Leos and Virgos everywhere.

1. Dainty Napkin Rings, $8 for three at Crate & Barrel

Showy Leo loves a shiny object, says Campanella. Get yours a few sets of these funky gold napkin rings. Like a set of bangles, she can stack these guys together or use each ring on its own. With all of the possible combinations, she’ll never set the same table twice.

“Virgos are fastidious about self-care,” says Campanella. For that reason, she suggests a nice soap and lotion set for next to the kitchen sink to help your Virgo combat dry, rough hands.

Leo is a fire sign, so the lions in your life will certainly appreciate a little bit of spark. Leave it to goopy Gwyneth Paltrow and CB2 to create what might be chicest match strike ever — made out of glass and brass-finished stainless steel. Gift it with a pack of strike-anywhere matches.

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Your Virgo pal is going to idolize Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin of The Home Edit — she just doesn’t know it yet. Introduce her to this Instafamous organizing duo with a copy of their latest book. It’s going to speak directly to her type A, detail-oriented soul — traits Campanella says are quintessential Virgo. Pair it with a set of storage containers to really drive the theme home, Campanella suggests.

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5. Gold and Marble Pedestal Stand, $40 for the large at World Market

Leos sure like the spotlight, and they want their creations to shine too. That’s why she’s going to flip for this gold and marble pedestal stand. Most people would think cake or cheese and crackers on this guy. But always the hostess with the mostess Leo? She’s using this baby to prop up a dispenser of the signature cocktail she’s known for mixing.

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Want a gift that fits Virgo to a T? Go with color-coded cutting boards, suggests Campanella. They can indulge that inner need for total order and show off their knife skills — plus prevent cross contamination.

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Crowns are Leo’s choice decorative motif, says Campanella. Humble, right? So she’ll definitely get a kick out of this handmade kitchen sponge holder that’s adorned with her favorite royal symbol.

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“Virgos like things where they can show off their skills a bit,” Campanella says. So how about a new set of cute ramekins? She’ll put them to good use by whipping up the French chocolate soufflé she’s finally learned to master.

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The Leo sign is warm and friendly, so they’re all about creating a cozy vibe. If yours doesn’t already have an electric kettle, this gift won’t disappoint. Your Leo will totally flip for the theatrical blue illuminating lights that fancy up the base of this model.

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10. What To Eat Menu Planner Notepad, $8 at World Market

According to Campanella, Virgos are super efficient and all about streamlining processes. So they’d be super into a bullet journal or notepad where they can see their week at a glance and jot down meals and grocery lists accordingly.