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This 20-Minute Recipe Has Become My New Go-To Way to Eat Pasta

published Mar 18, 2023
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Overhead photo of Lemony Brussels Sprouts pasta in dish, seasoned with Parmesan
Credit: Andrea Kaufman

As a carb aficionado, I’m dedicated to making pasta almost every day of the week. But every once in a while, I gotta switch it up from my go-to Rao’s Arrabbiata sauce (shoutout to my coworker Sheela for the rec) with butter and occasionally some garlic. That’s how I found my new favorite pasta recipe.

Famously (amongst only Kitchn editors), I am known to be a vegetable hater. Currently, I eat five: Brussels sprouts, bok choy, scallions — and I ran out, so I guess it’s three now. So when I saw that my (former) work auntie Amelia Rampe once made Yasmin’s lemony Brussels sprout pasta on her video series “Rampe It Up,” it looked too easy and good not to make! 

How to Make Lemony Brussels Sprouts Pasta 

Coming from a person who has to FaceTime her mom to figure out how to use a can opener, I can confidently say it’s truly simple to make and takes barely any time. The pasta water comes to a boil while you prep your Brussels, lemon, and garlic. As the pasta cooks, so do the Brussels. Then you mix it all together, adding lemon, cheese, and pasta water. It results in a pasta dish that’s lemony, tangy, bright, and coated in a silky sauce. To me, it’s the epitome of a low-effort, high-reward meal that gives me things I love: pasta and Brussels sprouts. 

Credit: Andrea Kaufman

If You’re Going to Make This Pasta, a Few Tips

  • Add more cheese. (Fun fact: I recently took the top off the cheese shaker at a restaurant because I needed more cheese than the shaker would allow.)
  • Use your favorite short pasta shapes. I like cavatappi and rigatoni. 
  • Bulk it up with a protein. Recently, I picked up cilantro-lime salmon from my local grocery store and it pairs perfectly with the lemony, zesty flavors of the pasta. I’ve made the whole serving a couple of times, and it’s my new go-to way to change up my pasta game.