Lemon Tree Bungalow: Los Angeles

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Nestled in-between a frozen yogurt shop and a store specializing in exotic birds, Lemon Tree Bungalow is a cluttered paradise of cutesy geegaws, knick knacks, and little lovelies. Just step into the store and it’s difficult to walk out empty handed. In addition to books, cards, candles, and fun bath products, the store has a nice little kitchen section that would appeal to any cook or food lover. They carry a cute range of tea towels, pot holders, and retro style aprons. The store features Gloveables’ line of fabulous latex dishwashing gloves and Cucina’s line of olive oil based lotions and hand soaps, perfect for next to the kitchen sink.

They have a pretty selection of drink ware, from old-fashioned pressed glass tumblers and goblets in assorted colors to more exotic Moroccan style glasses and French latte cups with saucers to mid-century inspired martini glasses and other barware. If you are looking more for cooking inspiration, the store also has small but well-chosen selection of cookbooks, ranging the from the advanced (bistro style cooking, new Irish food and the foods of Israel) to the simplistic (books on pizza, grilling, and quick, simple weeknight suppers). Many a time I’ve gone into the store en route to a birthday party and come out with the perfect gift, usually for myself as well.