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I Tried the Lemon Brownie Recipe and It Effortlessly Captures the Essence of Spring

published Apr 28, 2023
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Lemon brownies stacked.
Credit: Nathan Hutsenpiller

If someone so much as mentions brownies around me, my eyes instantly glaze over and I start making noises like I’m Homer Simpson drooling over the sight of a donut. Not too many things, in my opinion, can compare to this fudgy, irresistible treat.

So you can imagine my excitement when I came across @homemeide on Instagram, and her post showcasing what looked like the most delicious lemon brownies I had ever seen. In her video, Winnie mentions how these brownies make the perfect springtime dessert, and I was eager to try them out for myself.

Get the recipe: Lemon Brownies

How to Make Lemon Brownies

To begin, preheat your oven to 350°F and either grease or line a baking tray with parchment paper and set that aside. In a mixing bowl, add sugar, butter, eggs, and lemon juice and stir until just combined. Add flour and baking powder, mixing until there are no dry spots and clumps. Pour the batter into your prepared baking tray and bake for 20 to 30 minutes. 

Credit: Nathan Hutsenpiller

Use the toothpick method to determine whether they’re finished to your preference and then remove and let cool completely. While the brownies cool, grab a bowl and mix together powdered sugar and lemon juice to create the icing. Add the lemon juice incrementally, mixing all the while, until it reaches the consistency you like. Once the brownies have cooled, cut into squares and apply the icing as generously as you desire. Enjoy as a snack throughout the week or share with friends! 

My Honest Opinion of Lemon Brownies

The main takeaway I got from this recipe is simplicity. I love how I was able to quickly breeze through the prep work, and I especially enjoyed the lack of labor involved. Being the big fan of the classics that I am, this recipe really hit home for me and it’s going straight into my recipe rolodex under the Must Bake Again category. 

Winnie effortlessly captures the essence of spring with her recipe, and while I know there are many other amazing lemon brownie recipes out there, this one — in my opinion — is the perfect starting point for a novice baker such as myself. Nothing beats the feeling of whipping up some perfectly tasty baked treats in 30 minutes or less.

You can find the full recipe here, and make sure you bake enough for round two because your friends and family will be asking for more. 

Credit: Nathan Hutsenpiller

3 Tips for Making Lemon Brownies

  1. Let your melted butter cool. If your melted butter is too warm when mixing it with the wet and dry ingredients, it will cause the eggs to curdle. To avoid making scrambled egg lemon brownies, let the butter cool to room temperature before beginning to mix. 
  2. Consistency is key. Depending on the consistency you’re looking for, a toothpick stuck in the center and removed with just crumbs and no wet batter would yield a more fudge-like result. Alternatively, after leaving them to bake a little longer, a toothpick stuck in the center should come out completely clean with no crumbs, resulting in more of a cake-like texture. 
  3. Slice, then ice. Before icing the brownies, make sure to slice them into squares first. This really only matters if you intend on documenting your beautiful work for social media or your website, but it helps to make a clean cut first, then dress with icing. 

Get the recipe: Lemon Brownies