Lemi Shine Is the Only Dish Soap I’ll Ever Use — Here’s Why I Love It So Much

published Dec 22, 2021
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You know you’ve reached peak adult status when you get excited about dish soap. But the reality is that the right product really can make an unfortunate task so much more pleasant, since a quality dish soap can significantly cut down on elbow grease and time spent trying to tackle said grease and grime.

And when you have a house full of people creating dirty dishes meal after meal, you know just how important that is. That’s precisely why I jumped to oder a bottle of Lemi Shine dish soap after another cleaning writer mentioned how much she loves it.

It only took one sink full of dishes to get me on board. Here’s why:

1. It’s very concentrated.

Lemi Shine comes out of the bottle thick and concentrated. This means one bottle lasts a long time, which is both cost-effective and environmentally-friendly. Also, this is a small detail, but I like being able to wash an entire sink full of dishes without having to pump soap onto my sponge a bunch of times. Lemi Shine is also really sudsy, which makes for a pleasant sensory experience.

2. It’s tough on hard water.

We struggle with hard water, so it’s great knowing that the citric acid in this dish soap combats the mineral deposits hard water leaves behind. Not only do the dishes I wash by hand come out shiny, but I know I’m fighting the stubborn white film and spots that can build up over time.

3. It contains safer ingredients.

Especially when it comes to products I use on our dishes, I prefer safe, natural products. According to the product description on Amazon, “Our environmentally-friendly natural dish soap is free of dyes, phosphates, phthalates, and parabens. Made with biodegradable surfactants, pH balanced, and septic system friendly. Our ingredients are US EPA Safer Choice certified, providing a safer clean for you and your family.”

4. It smells nice.

This little tidbit might mean more to some than others, but anything that makes dish duty more fun is a big plus in my book. I chose the citrus scent for my dish soap and the subtle scent makes the kitchen feel clean.

5. It’s really good at cutting through grease .

Most importantly, Lemi Shine does what it’s supposed to do — and does it well. It’s so good at cutting through grease at first contact. It even makes my toddlers’ plastic cups, bowls and bibs squeaky clean. IYKYK.

Lemi Shine dish soap does a top-notch job doing what it’s made for and offers some additional benefits that set it apart from other dish soaps. It was definitely worth a try and has earned a permanent spot in my kitchen cleaning supply stash.

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