The Unexpected Find That Finally Cleared My Cluttered Junk Drawer — And Prevents So Much Food Waste

published Apr 5, 2023
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Someone holding multiple food storage containers.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

Everyone has a drawer in their kitchen that’s probably a complete mess. I know I do — it’s the absolute bane of my existence. It has random little things that, for some reason, I can’t bear to throw away, like lids to jars I probably don’t have anymore, rubber bands, and festive cookie cutters that are only used once a year. 

The lids are a particular pain point because I seem to have so many of them. When I make yogurt from scratch, I’m constantly rummaging through the rogue drawer and wasting valuable time trying to find lids that match my sterilizing jars. That often results in me giving up and swearing to rid myself of the drawer — but that never happens. 

However, my life has improved significantly, thanks an ingenious item: the Lekue Reusable Flexible Lids. It’s been a game-changer when it comes to keeping food fresh, living more sustainably, saving money, and reclaiming my time as I finally end the constant search for lids to match my jars. 

What’s So Great About the Lekue Reusable Flexible Lids?

The Lekue Reusable Flexible Lids are a fabulous item to have if you usually repurpose jam, peanut, and even Vegemite jars. I use them to ferment kimchi at home or make my own yogurt. Rather than keeping the original lids to the jars, which ultimately result in that rogue drawer, you simply use these stretchy, flexible lids instead.

There are two sets of Lekue lids: a 2-piece set and a 3-piece set, both with various sizes that you can stretch over any jar, bowl, or container, and solve many cover-related frustrations. I have the 3-piece set because, like I lamented, I have so many lid-less containers. The lids in this set start at 4 inches wide, which are ideal for jars with a smaller diameter, and the larger size goes up to a whooping 8 inches, which is great for mixing or serving bowls, and even casserole dishes if you want to keep your leftovers straight in the bakeware. 

You can also use the lids directly on fruit and vegetables themselves. I buy huge watermelons during the summer and whole butternut squash during the fall, but rarely finish either in one sitting or meal. So instead of using plastic wrap, I simply stretch one of the Lekue lids to cover any exposed flesh. Once I’m done with the lids, I rinse them with water or toss in the dishwasher. This has proven to be a big money-saver; I spend way less on aluminum foil and plastic wrap now. 

The benefits of these silicone lids go beyond their versatility. From a food-waste point of view, the lids also create an airtight seal so food is kept fresher and juices or sauces won’t leak (even if you tip the jar or container over). Another bonus is that your kitchen is no longer prone to weird smells with the lid being so incredibly airtight if used correctly. 

These Lekue lids have ticked all the boxes when it comes to preventing food waste (and funky smells!) and saving money. But more importantly, my space is less cluttered and generally feels less hectic without an overstuffed drawer of mismatched, labeless lids. Maybe now I’ll finally get rid of them.