The Case Against Thanksgiving Leftovers

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Turkey dinner muffins. Turkey samosas. Strawberry-turkey spinach salad. Turkey quesadilla suiza.

Slate writer Jill Hunter Pellettieri recoils against these and other misguided attempts to use every last shred of leftover turkey in her article, Let Leftovers Be Leftovers.

She writes, Do you really want to morph the centerpiece of your most ceremonial meal of the year into turkey bundles (stuffed with turkey, cream cheese, dill weed, and water chestnuts, among other things). Read on for her answer to leftover turkey…

She believes that you should let your turkey live out its natural life, get eaten happily out of Tupperware containers along with leftover stuffing, and not be subjected to the contortions of moo shu turkey.

When you’re sick of turkey, you’re sick of it. The sight of that Tupperware, once the source of so much joy, will become grim and unappetizing.

What about you? Do you have mounds of leftover turkey? Do you look forward to slotting it into leftover recipes, or do you just look forward to a good turkey and gravy sandwich?