Leftovers in the Morning: Last Night’s Dinner for Breakfast

updated Jun 4, 2019
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Most of us like a little breakfast for dinner every once and a while. Some eggs, bacon, maybe even pancakes or waffles – it’s not such a stretch. But how about dinner for breakfast? We don’t usually consider last night’s leftovers as a breakfast possibility (unless it’s pizza) but one of our favorite Twitter feeds has us reconsidering.

As you may have guessed, the Tweets we’re referring to are written by Ruth Reichl. Her poetic messages, often sent out early in the morning, have inspired us to take another look at dinner food for breakfast. (They’ve also inspired the hilarious mashup feed @RuthBourdain.) Just take a look at what Reichl wrote this past Sunday morning:

Amazing morning. Outside. Warm sun. Birds singing. Ducks on pond, clattering. Steakbone, coffee, crossword puzzle. Spring!

And just two days earlier, it was:

Sunshine. Scarlet breakfast. Lobster claws cooked in cream, touched with tomato, spooned over buttered toast. Blood orange juice. Fresh!

Steakboke with coffee and lobster claws with toast and orange juice – that’s definitely not what we’ve been eating for breakfast! And yet, it sounds absolutely delightful.

Perhaps it’s not such a strange approach. In the conversations we’ve had about breakfast this week, many of you have expressed a preference for savory foods over sweet. Who’s to say that has to be eggs or breakfast sausage?

We’ve mentioned eating quinoa, brown rice and sweet potatoes in the morning and at least one commenter expressed a fondness for oatmeal with butter and soy sauce. Our leftovers may not be steak and lobster, but we may give last night’s pasta a second look when we’re mulling over our breakfast options.

Do you ever eat dinner for breakfast?

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