The Best Way to Make Big Batches of Smoothies Ahead of Time

published Feb 18, 2014
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(Image credit: Stephanie Barlow)

A new convert to smoothies, I always wondered why Pinterest is full of images of individually packed smoothie ingredients — why not just make a big batch of smoothie and stash it in the fridge for meals throughout the week? Well, if you’ve tried this, you know why it doesn’t work. The smoothie separates and the fruit takes on a sort of funky flavor almost bad enough to turn you off smoothies all together.

But you know what works? Freezing the smoothie! And no, you don’t even have to pull out the blender again.

(Image credit: Stephanie Barlow)

Freeze Your Smoothies

I’m forever making giant batches of fruit smoothies when I really only intend to serve one person. Something about throwing in a few extra fruits, a few spoonfuls of yogurt, plus all the chia seeds and wheat germ makes a small breakfast shake turn into enough to feed a family.

When I learned that refrigerated, leftover smoothies are to be avoided, I tried pouring the excess into ice cube trays and freezing them instead.

(Image credit: Stephanie Barlow)

Thaw in a Bottle or a Glass: No Blender Required!

This works beautifully. I like to put the cubes in a water bottle when I’m headed to the gym. After it melts for an hour, and after giving the bottle a few shakes, this results in a frosty smoothie by the time I’ve finished working out.

The cubes are also great bite-size frozen snacks and taste surprisingly fresh.

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A Few Good Smoothie Recipes