10 Delicious Ways to Use Leftover Pork Tenderloin

published Jan 18, 2024
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Pork fried rice in cooking pan with wooden spoon
Credit: Amelia Rampe

Many pork tenderloin recipes often result in leftovers. Sure, you can prepare the same dinner as the night before, but sometimes you just want something different. 

Having leftover pork tenderloin is a great opportunity to repurpose it into a whole new meal the following day. Whether you have roasted pork tenderloin, grilled pork tenderloin, air fryer pork tenderloin, or Instant Pot pork tenderloin, you can transform them into quick and delicious meals.

From hearty roast pork panini and pork banh mi sandwiches to noodles and easy fried rice, here are 10 leftover pork tenderloin recipes to try.

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Egg Roll Skillet

When you need a quick one-pan dinner that has tons of veggies and protein, look no further than this egg roll skillet. Add some diced leftover pork tenderloin to level it up.

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Roast Pork Panini with Olive Salad

This recipe combines salty, spicy salami with roasted pork tenderloin in a way that might remind you of a muffuletta sandwich.

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Pork Fried Rice

A pan of savory pork fried rice is one of the most satisfying and quickest meals to make with leftover rice, a couple of eggs, and frozen vegetables. Try it with diced leftover pork tenderloin for an easy dinner.

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Cuban Sandwich
Here's how you can make the authentic, delicious sandwich at home.
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Jjajangmyeon (Korean Black Bean Noodles)

These extremely slurpable noodles are smothered in a thick sauce made of black bean paste, diced leftover pork tenderloin, and vegetables.

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Pork Nachos Recipe

No pulled pork? No problem! These sheet pan nachos are the perfect weeknight meal when you've got some leftover pork tenderloin on hand.

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Pork Banh Mi Sandwiches

If you have leftover pork tenderloin, slice it up and make these easy banh mi sandwiches at home.

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Pork Tenderloin & Onion Jam Sandwiches

Use leftover roasted or grilled pork tenderloin for these picnic-friendly sandwiches topped with a sweet onion jam.

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Air Fryer Egg Rolls

For delicious and crispy egg rolls, look to the air fryer. Combine veggies with chopped leftover pork tenderloin for a tasty egg roll filling.

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Churrasca con Chanchito, Pebre y Mayo al Ajo (The Ultimate Chilean Grilled Sandwich)

This grilled churrasca sandwich is inspired by traditional Chilean flavors and ingredients. Use leftover pork tenderloin, pebre (a fresh tomato salsa), and homemade garlic mayonnaise.

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