Leftover Pasta? Make a Frittata!

updated May 2, 2019
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The next time you find yourself with a neglected cup of macaroni or that last serving of spaghetti that no one seems to want, promise me you’ll try this. I’ve been making pasta frittatas ever since another Kitchn writer mentioned it years ago, and it is hands-down my favorite way to use up leftover pasta — along with whatever else is hanging around in the fridge.

(Image credit: Dana Velden)

You make this frittata just like any other. First, cook any meats or vegetables you want to add, then stir in the leftover pasta until it’s warmed through. Sprinkle with cheese, then pour the whisked eggs over top. Bake until set and serve. (See our full tutorial on How To Make a Frittata for a more in-depth description.)

This works equally well with plain un-sauced pasta or with a portion or two of an actual pasta dish. If the pasta is very saucy, the frittata sometimes doesn’t hold together quite as well. I’m happy with the jumble on my plate when this happens, but you can also warm the dish briefly in the microwave and then lift the pasta from the sauce before making the frittata.

5 Pasta Dishes That Make Great Frittatas

If the idea of cooking chewy pasta into an eggy frittata sounds completely bizarre to you, like taking breakfast for dinner a little too far, I urge you to try it just once. I think you’ll be hooked.

Do you ever make pasta frittatas? Have any favorite combos?


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