10 Baked Desserts That Will Help Use Up Halloween Candy

updated Oct 13, 2020
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Because we’re not trick-or-treating as normal this year, you’d think leftover Halloween candy would be a non-issue. But if you’re anything like me, you probably still stocked up on a bag of candy (or two!) to still make this year feel festive.

Over the weekend my family will slowly eat through our favorite pieces, and then the rest of the candy becomes a catalyst for being creative in the kitchen. Those bite-sized bars mean you can toss a handful of chocolate bars in a blondie, or you can turn a few packs of chewy candies into something fun. Here are 10 of our favorite recipes for using up leftover Halloween candy.

1. Molten Midnight Brownies

Brownies only get better when you add more chocolate, chocolate pieces, or chopped candy bars — this is a scientifically proven fact. And while we happen to think this dark-chocolate version is ideal for adding sweeter candy, there’s absolutely no shame in using your favorite boxed mix either.

Get the recipe: Molten Midnight Brownies

Credit: Leela Cyd

2. Layered Chocolate Toffee Bars

These toffee bars have a cookie crust, but you can use both fun-size chocolate bars and any toffee bars, peanut bars, or butterfingers you have in place of the toffee.

3. Spicy Gooey Almond Popcorn with Chocolate

Ever drop chocolate candy into your movie theater popcorn? You end up with perfect bites of warm chocolate and crispy popcorn. This is the grown-up version of that, with a little spicy kick to boot. It can be made with any leftover chocolate candies you’ve got.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

4. Easy Halloween Chocolate Boo Bark

Wondering what to do with your candy corn (or any other candies you’re less-than-excited about)? Grab some Rice Krispies and chocolate, and make up an extra-crispy bark!

5. Peanut Butter Scotcheroos

Chop up almost any candy and you can fold it into a batch of classic Rice Krispies treats. But scotcheroos are a little more dressed-up version with a rich flavor. This recipe works best with mini chocolate bars, caramels, or peanut butter candies folded in along with the cereal.

Credit: Kelli Foster

6. Halloween Party Mix

Like a number of others on our list, this salty-sweet mix is ideal for using up every type of Halloween candy in your bucket. Candy corn, gummies, and even chocolate pieces are welcome here.

Get the recipe: Halloween Party Mix

Credit: Joe Lingeman

7. S’mores Bars

These baked bars call for semi-sweet chips but are cuter (and somehow taste better) with mini-chocolate bars in their place. Feel free to add other chocolate candies or chopped chocolate bars too.

Get the recipe: S’mores Bars

Credit: Joe Lingeman

8. Easy One-Bowl Blondies

Blondies are infinitely adaptable — it’s one of the reasons we love them. This one-bowl version makes it easy to add in leftover candy. These make a great lunch box treat too, because the blondies can be cut into tiny squares.

9. Jello and Gummy Candy Fishbowl

This is a fun but elaborate way to use up fruit candies. If you don’t have a fish bowl lying around, you can make single servings of these in small ramekins or cocktail glasses. Delight kids by serving it up for dessert after a fish dinner.

10. Deep-Dish Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

Here’s a final way to use up any leftover chocolate bars. Roughly chopping the bars first turns them into thick pools of melted chocolate, which make this oversized cookie extra gooey and good.