Leela Cyd Shares Her Best Entertaining Recipes & Tips

Leela Cyd should be no stranger to readers of The Kitchn, as she has long been a contributor to the site. She photographed the entire The Kitchn Cookbook, and now she’s written her first cookbook all about the art of simple gatherings.

In addition to her stunning photos and beautiful recipes (that all include a little twist to make them special), Leela shares tips for stocking your pantry to be ready for impromptu entertaining. It’s a fabulous resource and inspiration for anyone who likes to entertain.

Of course, our very own Faith and Maxwell had plenty to say about Leela’s book as well.

“I’ve always been inspired by Leela’s amazingly colorful, personal, and joyful photographic eye, and now she’s gone beyond herself with a cookbook of her own that shares her approach to living. In keeping with her spirit, these small, delicious recipes and tips are my new secret weapon for entertaining at home.” — Maxwell Ryan

“Leela Cyd is a bright spark of warmth, style, and friendship, and she brings all of that and more to Food with Friends, which is a treasure trove of sweet and savory recipes laid out like a feast for sharing. From tahini buns to brûléed oranges, these pages offer up treat after treat for special occasions small and large.” — Faith Durand

If you’re trying to amp up your entertaining skills, be sure to add this title to your library.