Leela Cyd Ross' Favorite Posts of 2010

Leela Cyd Ross' Favorite Posts of 2010

Leela Cyd
Dec 29, 2010

Deciding on my favorite posts from The Kitchn and beyond was certainly a tall task. In considering all the insightful, delicious and unique food sites from around the world, I was reminded of just how fortunate I am to be a member of this vibrant community. With cooking as the common thread, the connections (and belly–aching laughs) I've made through the blogosphere have been meaningful and whole–hearted. Here's a peek at a few wonderful posts that made it into my 'happy' bookmark folder.

My Favorite Posts from The Kitchn

  1. Smoked Turkey and Dinner for 12: Our Thanksgiving Report - Leave it to Faith and Emma, the editor and fellow writer for The Kitchn to show us how Thanksgiving can be done. These two ladies live in Columbus, OH and they threw such an incredible dinner, one that lasted about six hours! Amidst the classic foods, they casually mentioned creative additions such as cranberry amuse bouche, "palate–cleansing pomegranate and grapefruit sorbet" (oh c'mon, you girls are killing me with awesomeness!) and BBQ sauce from their favorite place down the street. This post was inspiring and innovative, showing us that you really can reinvent the standards and create lovely new traditions. I know where I want to be for next year's feast . . . Columbus, here I come!

  2. Weekend Meditation: Blessings - Dana Velden's Sunday Meditation posts are pure poetry. It's wonderful to have such a kind, honest and wise voice pointing us to the real heart of food issues. She addresses the rituals, connections and quiet moments, the life we lead in between checking our emails, driving to work and other daily stresses. Her piece on blessings is a great example of this amazing series, so soulful and true.

  3. Cook's Confession: What Have You Passed Off as Dinner? - Emma had me at her glorious (and glamorous) image of a Cheeto–pinching hand and completely made me swoon when she introduced her naughty topic. As a die–hard Cheeto fan (why are they so strangely good?), and lover of food secrets, I fell in love with this hilarious post. The comments gave me the biggest chuckle. "Bowl of cornflakes + gin and tonic" from gdelcano had to be my favorite dinner contributed by a reader.

  4. 7 Quinoa Recipes With International Flair - We eat a lot of quinoa in our house. It's so quick, earthy and nutritious; it's a great base for a satisfying vegetarian meal. My husband loves this recipe round–up by Emily and has cooked many of the versions listed in this post. Thanks Emily!

  5. How to: Make Iced Coffee - Elizabeth has shown me the light! My summer time afternoons now involve a little brewed cup of iced coffee, poured over coffee ice cubes, spiked with almond extract and cream. My pocketbook is much fuller and I am buzzing thanks to this very useful post.

My Favorite Posts from Around the Web

  1. Weekend and Figs - Megan's thoughtful prose and beautiful imagery come together in this revealing post, focused on one of my favorite things in life: lazy Sunday breakfast. Megan shows us how to make a rustic fig tart, perfect for munching on while lounging with a big mug of tea, a tattered pink bathrobe and the New York Times. In this post, we also get to read the author's response to a quirky little Sunday survey. This is what food blogs are all about, a great recipe and a small window into an interesting life.

  2. Rhubarb Crisp from David Lebovitz - This post documents an afternoon spent with Rachel Allen, cooking in Ireland. They end up with a comfy rhubarb crisp, which looks divine, but I am more interested in David's traveling and writing style than this particular recipe. David travels internationally quite a bit and paints the scene so vividly with punchy photographs and witty anecdotes. I always feel like I'm right there — in this case, in the gorgeous Irish kitchen, learning to make an amazing soup and scrumptious fruit dessert.

  3. Francesca's Paella - Danielle and Adrian's new gastro travelogue shows us the most picturesque village in southern France, with a friend guiding guests in creating a giant pan of paella. The photos are ridiculously gorgeous, as are the people and setting for what looks like one of those rare life–affirming meals we stumble upon a few times in life.

  4. Cafe Fernando Turns 4 - Cenk, of Cafe Fernando revealed in this post that he's quit his day job and become a full–time food writer. This is very lucky for us, as he gives us a tender glimpse into cooking and eating in Istanbul. We had the opportunity to live in this dynamic, historic and absolutely vibrant capital city, and Cenk's posts always take us right back. I loved reading about the day the author decided to follow his heart (and tummy) with food writing, and then his mother's reaction. I believe Cenk is currently working on a cookbook, so I'll be on the lookout for that.

  5. January Archive from Simply Breakfast by Jennifer Causey - Jennifer's blog, Simply Breakfast, is artful and inspiring. In it she documents her healthy breakfasts, always from the same angle, usually on her folky farm table. The photos from January are helpful to those of us who like to hibernate during the winter months and dash out the door, coffee mug in hand. These are morning meals I'd like to make time for!

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Welcome to The Kitchn's end-of-year roundup! We are rounding up some of our favorite (and your favorite) posts from the last year, including lots of recipes. We are also shaking out our reader mailbag, and giving you a few more great guest posts from our friends.

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