Learning Something New: Our A-ha! Chicken Moment

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In Week Seven of the Kitchn Cure, Sara Kate is challenging you to learn a new skill. It could be as simple as properly dicing an onion or as complicated as rolling out pasta.

This reminded us of several years ago, when we discovered something extremely elementary about chicken breasts, and how it changed our cooking confidence forever…

We used to be timid chicken browners.

We rarely had the heat up high enough, and we’d try to move the breasts around in the pan to check the progress, tearing the meat as it stuck to the bottom of our stainless steel skillet. There was a layer of oil on the bottom, so the fact that those breasts stuck and shredded when we tried to move them was endlessly frustrating.

It took us a while to learn that we should leave those breasts alone, over high heat, until they formed a crust. Such a simple, basic concept, one that most of you probably know, but figuring it out made us feel like we’d conquered mountains.

In these final weeks of the Kitchn Cure, as you begin experimenting without recipes and trying new techniques, remember that even small skills – if they are new to you – can open up a world of options and empower you to tackle bigger projects. And if you have questions about a basic technique that you’ve yet to figure out, ask us! There’s no shame in this Kitchn. We’re here to help.

Have you had a big a-ha moment? What skill did you discover, either years ago or yesterday, that has altered your cooking in a big way?