What Is the Latest and Greatest Thing You’ve Learned?

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The assignment for Week 4 of the Kitchen Cure is to get back into your freshly cleaned, newly organized kitchen, and learn something new. So we’re curious about all your latest kitchen discoveries, Cure-related or otherwise — what is the most recent thing you’ve learned in the kitchen, and the best new tip to come your way lately?

What have you learned lately? This could be as simple as steaming dumplings or complicated as a master sauce. It could be a small technique for smashing garlic or a more intensive process for making bread. What have you learned lately that makes cooking easier, more enjoyable, or more delicious?

Mastering the skills of cooking is not a straight line; it’s a big pool of linked-up bits of knowledge and know-how that we all acquire in different ways at different times. We all have different skills and good ideas; we’d love to hear your most recent acquisitions and insights. Even if you have recently discovered or learned something that you think is quite elementary, share it anyway! It might be new to someone else, or a good reminder.

I have been experimenting with baking a lot lately, but baking other things that you usually wouldn’t think to put in the oven. I recently discovered, for instance, that the very best way (I think anyway!) to make brown rice is in the oven.

What about you? What have you learned lately?

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(Images: Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan)