Learn to Love: Blue Cheese on Gingersnaps

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

File this under foods to try next winter. During my one-year stint in Scandinavia, this is an absolute favorite food combination I picked up. Never had I tasted these two rich but seemingly-opposed flavors together. But one fateful evening in Sweden, I was offered thin, crisp gingersnaps smeared with blue cheese alongside a glass of glogg. It seemed weird to me only for that split second between the offer and the first bite. Ever since, it’s been a perfect combo in my book:

This is best on thin, crisp, strong ginger snaps (like these or I often buy Anna’s Ginger Thins) with soft, spreadable blue cheese. Team it up with glogg or another mulled wine and you are in for a treat!

Image: (Faith Durand,  Flickr member Liz Davenport licensed for use under Creative Commons)