Le Creuset’s Winter Sale Includes Up to 30% Off Essential Cookware and Bakeware — Here Are the Best Deals

published Jan 11, 2022
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Credit: Lauren Volo

Is there anyone whose at-home culinary dreams don’t include making batches of cozy soups and stews in a gorgeous Le Creuset cookware? If that sounds like your ultimate cooking scenario, then you’re in luck because there are so many popular picks from the famed French cookware brand on sale right now! Le Creuset’s huge Winter Specials Sale event has just kicked off, with amazing deals of up to 30 percent off on some of our favorite pieces from their lineup, including the versatile Sauteuse, enameled Demi Kettle, essential Heritage Square Baking Dishes, and of course, the iconic Dutch Oven.

While any Le Creuset cookware is splurge-worthy, there’s obviously no better time to invest in one of these long-lasting items than when you can pick it up at a steal, too. It’s not often that we see such a wide range of Le Creuset deals, so you’ll want to take advantage of this special occasion while you can. We’ve rounded up the deals we’re most excited about, but you can also shop the entire savings event while you’re at it.

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Le Creuset
was $240.00

If you’re still making delicate sauces in a lightweight, straight-sided pan, now is a good time to upgrade to a saucier. Made from Le Creuset's super heat-retaining cast iron, the saucier holds low and medium temperatures steady so your recipes can cook and thicken without scorching. The curved inner edge lets you stir and scrape up every last bit of your recipe, so you won't be left with lumpy results, whether you’re making bechamel or caramel.

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Le Creuset
was $260.00

Thanks to Le Creuset’s heavy-weight enameled cast iron, this fan-favorite Dutch Oven will perfectly cook grains and delicate sauces alike. The tight-fitting lid contains condensation, and the pot and lid are both oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. And once you’re finished cooking, both pieces can go into the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

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Le Creuset
was $200.00

This Signature Oval Baker is surprisingly versatile, capable of roasting veggies, baking chicken, or searing meat on the stove. Unlike the tall sides of a Dutch oven, this baker has shallow edges and a wide cooking area that will ensure even heat distribution whether you're using it in the oven or on your stovetop. And just like any Le Creuset, the enameled cast iron surface will allow for easy food release and cleaning.

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Le Creuset
was $195.00

Love your cast iron skillet? Take it up another notch with this Classic Square Skillet Grill, ideal for getting highly-desired char marks without having to go outside and fire up the grill. It has a ribbed cast iron cooking surface for grilling anything from steak to veggies, while ensuring strong, even heat retention. And for just $100, you can have all your favorite grilled bites without having to turn on any propane!

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Le Creuset
was $350.00

Try finding any cookware more classic (or gorgeous) than a Le Creuset Dutch Oven? It's no accident that Le Creuset's Dutch ovens are on every home cook's wish list. They're perfect for everything from braising to roasting to frying, and even baking! The enameled cast iron design makes these tools great at maintaining and distributing heat, and the porcelain finish minimizes sticking. Even better? They're dishwasher-safe.

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Le Creuset
was $175.00

You may already own a cast iron skillet, but this Square Grill Pan is a step up when it comes to searing steaks, flipping pancakes, or making melty grilled sandwiches. Its enameled surface makes it practically non-stick and easy to clean, plus it's available in loads of colorways.

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Le Creuset
was $300.00

Le Creuset's Sauteuse pan could easily be mistaken for a Dutch oven, but it's actually something entirely different. The sauteuse is more shallow, with rounded bottom edges and gently sloped sides. This makes it a slightly better vessel for dishes that require lots of constant stirring, such as gumbo. That said, it's just as versatile as a Dutch oven and you'll probably find yourself using it just as often.

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Le Creuset
was $132.00

Whether you're starting the day with some English Breakfast or sipping chamomile before bed, a matching kettle-and-mugs set always elevates tea time. This kettle features a heat-resistant handle that makes it safe for pouring, and the mugs are made from dense stoneware that keeps your drink warmer longer.

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Le Creuset
was $67.00

This set of stoneware baking dishes includes two sizes: 5" (18 oz.) and 8" (2 qt.). The smaller dish is versatile enough for everything from prep work to baked gratins, while the larger version is perfect for hearty casseroles and desserts. Superior heat retention makes them great for keeping food warm or cold, and they're safe for the freezer, oven, microwave, broiler, and dishwasher.

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Le Creuset
was $190.00

This small saucepan is the perfect size to keep on hand for making a few servings of oatmeal, rice, gently reheating some of last night’s dinner, a batch of stovetop popcorn for movie night, or even stewing fresh berries. The long handle is also cleverly contoured to give you a better grip and added control when cooking or bringing a dish from the stovetop to the dinner table.

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Le Creuset
was $175.00

This 9 1/2-inch pan is small enough to fit atop a single burner but large enough to handle all the pancakes (or bacon, scrambled eggs, and steaks) you can toss at it. You really can’t go wrong with any colorway you decide on, and we promise you'll really fall in love with this pan.