Valentine's Day

Le Creuset’s New Valentine’s Day Collection Is Everything You Want Right Now

published Jan 26, 2023
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3 products (tea kettle, spoon rest, soup pot) from Le Creuset's L'amour Collection for Valentine's Day
Credit: Le Creuset

For us, nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” — whether it’s to your partner, your family, yourself, or even your dog — quite like a home-cooked meal. On any other regular day, when it comes to whipping up our favorite dishes, we turn to Le Creuset for cookware that delivers every time. And on this sweetest of days, the editor-favorite brand is bringing back its coveted and collectible L’Amour collection.

The love-inspired line debuted in 2021 with just two pieces and has since expanded to include a tea kettle, loaf pan, and more — all with the sweet heart pattern. But if the L’Amour collection wasn’t cute enough, Le Creuset has also curated cookware in red and pink hues, as well as heart-shaped pieces into a one-stop-shop Valentine’s Day collection that have me and my fellow editors asking each and every stunning piece: “Be mine”?

From do-it-all soup pots to heart-shaped Dutch ovens and accessories, here are our favorite pieces from Le Creuset’s Valentine’s Day collection.

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Le Creuset

This 2.75-quart cast iron soup pot is crafted with the same high-quality workmanship as any Le Creuset piece, and is adorned with a flurry of unbelievably cute hearts. Beneath the soup pot's endearing finish, you’ll find the brand's celebrated cast iron that heats up quickly and evenly, whether you use it on the stovetop, in the oven, or in the broiler. The wide, sloped design makes it ideal for cooking stews and building sauces, while two large handles give you plenty of room to easily lift the pot from the stovetop to the dinner table. And when you’re done, it can go in the dishwasher for easy cleanup. If you could fall in love with a piece of cookware ... this'd be it, folks!

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Le Creuset

We're convinced the Le Creuset kettle is totally underrated. In fact, most of us on the team have one and it never leaves our stoves. This L'Amour iteration is complete with a multitude of pink and red hearts, making it all the more adorable. It'll whistle when the water's ready, boil with incredible speed (thanks to a lightweight carbon steel construction), and is compatible with all stovetops. No matter if you're a tea-lover, coffee-lover, or an avid hot cocoa drinker, there's no better way to get a comforting cuppa than with this cute kettle.

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Le Creuset

You may have taken note of our team's love affair with Le Creuset's braiser. The shape of the do-it-all pot is deep enough to braise, fry, and simmer, while still being shallow enough for a stellar sauté or sear — there's truly nothing the braiser can't accomplish. This Cerise version (a signature LC color) comes with a gold knob instead of the usual silver, making the piece a luxurious-yet-functional representation of love itself. You know those butterflies you get when you think of that special someone? Well, expect to feel those every single time you take this thing for a spin.

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Le Creuset

If cooking is your passion, there's no doubt you're keen to the importance of a top-notch spoon rest. The pretty ombré glaze on this heart-shaped rest covers the stoneware in a hardy coating that'll never stain, fade, scratch, or chip — which means it's safe for any utensil (metal included), good to go in the dishwasher, and is completely nonstick.

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Le Creuset

For a simple and more affordable way to customize any of your pre-existing LC pieces, check out this stunning light-gold knob. Shaped to form an elegant heart, the brushed stainless steel knob does a lot more than just look pretty — it also increases grippability. It's safe for oven use up to 500°F and compatible with any enameled Le Creuset piece.

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Le Creuset

This shallow 1-quart Dutch oven is the perfect pot for sides, grains, and soups. In other words, it'll be a love-themed sidekick to your main dish on the table. The enamel ensures a nonstick release, requires no seasoning (ready to go straight from the box!), and promises to last a lifetime — sounds like true love right there.

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Le Creuset

Originally launched for Pride Month, this cute 4.5-quart Dutch oven celebrates all types of love — and dishes. The unparalleled heat retention and distribution is perfect for delicious soups, stews, braises, roasts, and even bread. While every piece from Le Creuset is perfect as serveware, this version — with its colorful spray of hearts — is particularly sweet and holds a powerful message of love.

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Le Creuset
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For the sweetest bakes, look no further than this nonstick pan. The pan can fit 6 heart-shaped bakes, whether it's muffins or cupcakes, and everything will just pop right out once cooled — no parchment paper needed. Lightweight, oven-safe up to 450°F, coated in a PFOA-free nonstick silicone, and crafted with a sturdy carbon-steel construction that'll never warp or bend, get ready to eat to your heart's content (pun fully intended).