Le Creuset Just Launched a Gorgeous New Herb-Inspired Color That You’ll Want for Fall

published Oct 3, 2023
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Credit: Lauren Volo

We are enormous fans of colorful cookware here at The Kitchn. A vibrant sauté pan or eye-catching Dutch oven are pieces that you’ll not only want to leave out on your stovetop for everyone to see, but ones that you’ll actually enjoy putting to use more often than you would, say, a plain silver piece. It’s impossible not to be inspired by cookware that looks like art, and there’s perhaps no brand quite as inspiring as the iconic Le Creuset.

Since it was founded in 1925, longtime pro- and home chef-favorite Le Creuset has delivered stunning products that work just as great as they look. The retailer paved the way for all of the other colorful enameled cast-iron vessels we see on the market today — but a rare few even come close in terms of aesthetics and performance. And, just when we think there’s no way they can one-up themselves, they do: Le Creuset just released a gorgeous Thyme hue that’s a must-have for fall.

This earthy new color is named after the herb that inspired it and features the trademark ombré look that the brand is known for. Transitioning from a darker grey at the base of the pieces to a lighter sage toward the top, the Thyme pieces exude luxury, freshness, and fall coziness. Whether you’re looking to expand your Le Creuset collection with the new hue or are looking for a place to start, Thyme is available in 15 pieces: the classic Dutch oven, brasier, cassadou sauté pan, skillet, baking dish set, pumpkin-shaped cocotte, and more. (The last one especially screams autumn.) Some, including the cassadou and baking dishes, are even on sale!

Credit: Crate & Barrel

Beyond their visual appeal, Le Creuset pieces are known for how durable they are, as well as how well they retain and distribute heat. Contributor Abigail said that her Dutch oven made her more confident in the kitchen and was perfect for the Filipino dishes she loves to make. “The consistent heat of the enameled cast iron was ideal for pancit, a stir-fried noodle dish that required sautéing vegetables, and the excellent heat-retentive properties of the Le Creuset were ideal for simmering chicken adobo and sinigang,” she wrote. We had just as positive things to say about the braiser and cocottes.

This color launched just in time for fall — in addition to being a fitting hue for the season, any of these pieces will have a tremendous impact on your cooking as you spend more time whipping up meals at home. What better way to celebrate the cooler temps and spooky season than with new cookware or bakeware?