These Le Creuset Storage Canisters Are on Almost Every Kitchn Editor’s Counter — and 20% Off Right Now

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Here’s a fun idea: If you’re going to be leaving items out on your countertop, you may as well make it look nice. And that’s where Le Creuset’s gorgeous storage canisters come in. Made from superior stoneware (the very same material the brand uses for their legendary bakeware), the canisters are utterly gorgeous, finished in a variety of attractive glazes, and a staple on almost every Kitchn editor’s countertop. Even better, they’re 20 percent off right now!

Like all things Le Creuset makes, the canisters are more than just a pretty face: The hardy stoneware resists moisture, and the beechwood lid hides a silicone gasket that gives an ultra-tight seal, keeping contents free from bugs, dust, and moisture. Plus, the lid is flat on top, so you can stack the canisters to maximize your space. And if you want to swap out something with a strong scent (like coffee beans), just pop the canister in the dishwasher, and it’ll be as good as new again.

But like a clean kitchen counter, this sale won’t last forever, so grab the canisters while you can, and be sure to check out the rest of Le Creuset’s sale, which includes Dutch ovens, stainless steel cookware, and more!

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At less than 3 inches tall, it's the smallest of the canisters, but it’s perfect to keep things like flavored salts and spice blends within easy reach. In fact, it's so convenient that our Lifestyle Director, Lisa, always has one by her stovetop and uses it as a salt cellar. "The canister is wide enough to reach in and get a big five-fingered pinch," she adds.

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Make an attractive addition to your coffee bar with a few of the 22-oz. canisters. Fill them with coffee, sugar, loose tea, or creamer — perhaps each in a different colorway — and they’re an attractive solution to keeping that essential area of your kitchen running smoothly. While they hold a lot, they’re still only five inches tall, making them easy to stack underneath your cabinets.

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With its wide opening, the 23-oz. canister is ideal for dried herbs, seasonings, Himalayan salt, or anything you’ll want to grab with your fingertips while cooking. But it’s also great for holding pantry staples like nuts, dried fruits — even candy and cookies.

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With a generous 1.5-qt. capacity, this canister is perfect for holding specialty flour that usually comes in smaller quantities, like almond or chickpea flour. But it’s also a great replacement for those cardboard pancake flour boxes (which never stay closed and end up spraying flour everywhere...or so I’ve heard).

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‘Tis the season to be baking! And the 2.5-qt. canister is made for it: It can hold 3 lbs. of flour or 4 lbs. of sugar. (That’s a lot of cookies.) But seasonal use aside, they’re a pretty way to keep items like pretzels, cereal, and dried pasta nearby — and fresh.