Le Creuset’s Iconic Dutch Oven and More Cookware Essentials Are on Sale for Presidents Day

published Feb 16, 2023
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red Dutch oven on the stove
Credit: Le Creuset at Williams Sonoma

The vision of a Le Creuset kitchen is something I’d wager most home cooks have in common. However, what that looks like for each of us has as many variations as there are Le Creuset colorways. For some, it might be a single Dutch oven in Flame, at rest on the burner but commanding its position as the focal point of the kitchen. For others, it could be a whole kitchen decked-out in one uniform signature color. (Mine is Deep Teal, if you’re asking.) And, for many, a dream kitchen is a hodgepodge of colors, collected piece by piece over time.

I think the appeal of a Le Creuset kitchen (be it one piece or a full room) is that it’s cookware that you know gets used. And, it’s a brand that makes investment pieces — ones that are built to last and to be handed down to someone you love. Its simple grace is the type of thing you see and think, “Ah yes, it’s time to cook.” Of course, the thing about investment pieces is that they require an investment. And, while quality doesn’t come cheap, sometimes we catch a break — like right now, during Le Creuset’s Presidents Day sale! The brand is offering some undeniably exciting deals, including a Dutch oven that retails for $290 being offered at $180. We’ve rounded up several of our favorites below for those thinking of starting or expanding their collection today.

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Le Creuset
was $290.00

If you're just beginning a Le Creuset collection, there really isn't a better place to start than with a Dutch oven. And, if you're building on an existing collection, a Shallow Dutch Oven is a good place to go. It's still pretty wide (11 inches) but its 5-inch depth makes it handy for things that want to sear quickly. It gets you perfect browning on casseroles that start on the range and end in the oven, and it's also good for searing without boiling or steaming — the trick to crispy veggies. And, at over $100 off, this is certainly the moment to go for it.

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Le Creuset
was $75.00

When I think of casseroles, I certainly think of comfort food I love, but I can't not think about the cleanup. The crispy cheese clinging to the side or the gooey blob of berries stuck in the corner is exactly what makes it so tasty, but it's also what will keep me in the kitchen 30 minutes longer than I want to be. The Heritage Baking Dish's virtually nonstick interior, however, is super easy to clean. This set comes with two, one that's 8 inches (2 quarts) and a smaller "date night" pan that's 5-inch dish (18 ounces) — both for under 60 bucks!

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Le Creuset
was $71.00

Forgive the morbid digression here, but Sweeney Todd is being revived on Broadway this spring, and it has me thinking about pies now. Not so much the "priest," "vicar," or "lovely bit of clerk" flavors; I'm thinking more like "blueberry" or "vegan tofu." Then again, bake it up in this striking Cerise number with that adorable little steam-venting pie bird (it comes with the dish!) and I might not think it's the worst pie in London. I know Mrs. Lovett would appreciate the $50 pricetag!

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Le Creuset
was $820.00

If you do see yourself as building a Le Creuset collection, this bundle is the one to start it with...and this is the moment to start it. The 5-Piece Signature Set includes all the pieces you need to do some serious cooking, including a 5.5-quart round Dutch oven (with lid), a 1.75-quart signature saucepan (with lid), and a 9-inch signature skillet. They're all made from Le Creuset's signature enameled cast iron, and they come in the brand's most popular colorways. If you're thinking of bundling, take advantage of this price, the free shipping, and the extra gifts that come with this sale.

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Le Creuset
was $94.00

Le Creuset's enamelware understandably gets all the attention. But did you know the brand applies its same thoughtful durability to its more utilitarian pieces, too? Take its sheet pans, for example. They're coated in silicone for nonstick cooking and easy cleaning; the rims have gushy silicone grips for easy handling; and they have the perfect lightweight-to-durable ratio the brand is known for. This set includes two pans: a larger and a smaller one.

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Le Creuset
was $315.00

Also in the nonstick department, Le Creuset makes some particularly well-engineered pans. This three-piece set includes a frying pan, saute pan, and glass lid — and the whole bundle is just shy of 100 bucks off in this sale. The engineering shows up when you discover the pans' versatility: They're oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit; they have a hollow handle that stays cool on the range (but not in the oven); they're dishwasher-safe; and, impressively, they can stand up to the occasional metal utensil — good news to anyone who's ever had to flip an omelet at the last second and had to do it with whatever tool is closest to their hand.

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Le Creuset
was $175.00

Here at Kitchn, I work with people around the country who look forward to every summer's grilling season. Living in a city apartment, I don't. (No patio, no grill.) But, with a grill pan, I can get the same crispy char on my vegetables and proteins (and pineapple!) as they do — without the mosquito bites my colleagues endure. What I like about this one is that it fits on my range easily while leaving me extra burners to work with. (And, of course, a good grill pan gives everyone, whether suburbs or city folk, the ability to grill all year long.)

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Le Creuset
was $132.00

I don't think I had ever considered how many things there are to consider about a tea kettle until Ni'Kesia Pannell, Kitchn's news and culture editor, wrote about hers. She calls Le Creuset's Demi Kettle her favorite kitchenware item since it has all of the same sturdy reliability of the brand's other enamel products, yet it's surprisingly lightweight. I like that this bundle comes with two mugs, too, which means I have a clean one ready to go for my evening chamomile even though the one I used for my morning Early Gray is probably still dirty in the sink.

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Le Creuset
was $96.00

If it's been a tough week, there's a good chance there will be more than one dirty mug in my sink. Those are the weeks when a set of four mugs comes in handy. That they are easy to clean; dishwasher-safe; and resistant to chips, scratches, and stains are big pluses on those chaotic periods when my mind is in other places.

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Le Creuset
was $92.00

Le Creuset's showstopping powers don't stop in the kitchen. Cookware becomes servingware as soon as you set one of their Dutch ovens on the table. If that Dutch oven just happens to match a beautiful salt shaker and pepper mill, you suddenly have a tablescape that keeps the food the center of attention while looking casually elegant enough to be a spread on a magazine.