Le Creuset’s Stunning Provence-Inspired Collection Is on Major Sale (and Things Will Definitely Sell Out Fast!)

published Apr 16, 2024
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I don’t know about you, but I definitely have the spring shopping bug. Something about the seasonal transition is making me want to revamp my entire space, from my living room rug to the drinking glasses in my kitchen cabinets. If you feel the same, the best advice I have is to look out for sales. Although you wouldn’t typically think of April as a major sale month, you’d be surprised by what you could find right now for a good discount. Le Creuset, for example, is currently offering such good markdowns on its Olive Branch collection that many of the cookware and decor pieces have already sold out. But if you act fast, you could still snag a new cast-iron Dutch oven or saucier with the gorgeous design for way below its retail price. Although the colors are delightfully spring-y, they’ll look stunning in your kitchen year-round. Without further ado, these are the pieces that are on sale and still in stock — but probably not for long!

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Le Creuset
was $335.00

The signature chef's oven is excellent at retaining heat, so it's great for searing, browning, stewing, and shallow frying. Its curved sides are designed for easy stirring, which also makes it perfect for preparing large batches of stew or soup for dinner parties. Don't be surprised if you find yourself reaching for it every day.

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Le Creuset
was $140.00

This sunny marigold yellow casserole dish is as functional as it is stunning. Made from durable stoneware and varnished with a nonstick glazed surface, it's safe to use in the freezer, oven, microwave, broiler, and dishwasher. Translation: Whether you want to broil fish, mix up a seasonal cobbler, or serve Thanksgiving stuffing inside come fall, this beauty gets the job done.

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Le Creuset
was $388.00

If you have yet to invest in a quality braiser, take it from us: there's no time like the present — and no better brand to spring for than Le Creuset. Braisers boast a unique shape with a lot of surface area at the base, allowing you to render tough cuts of meat while still maintaining a level of juiciness or finishing with a quick pan sauce. Another bonus? They're great for shallow frying, meaning those apple fritters are now totally in reach.

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Le Creuset
was $45.00

If you don't have a ton of storage space at your disposal, you can opt for some adorable (and affordably priced) mini cocottes. They have no shortage of uses, according to senior commerce editor Ian. “Personally, what struck me about these pieces (besides the unbeatable price) was their versatility,” he wrote in his review. They can function as anything from mini soup bowls to cereal bowls and can be used to whip up small desserts.

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Le Creuset
was $283.00

Made from Le Creuset's enameled cast iron, this saucier is ideal for soups, sauces, risotto, and more. The unique shape and quality materials hold low and medium temperatures steady, so your recipes can cook and thicken without scorching around the edges or bottom. A slightly rounded bottom allows you to stir and whisk to your heart's content.