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Le Creuset Just Launched a Warm New Color That Will Make Your Mouth Water

updated Jul 15, 2021
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Credit: Le Creuset

We don’t know who invented the adage that you eat with your eyes first, but they were probably staring at a Le Creuset dish. From the shelf to the stove to the tabletop, nothing makes a kitchen more inviting — or a meal more appetizing — than elegantly enameled Le Creuset cookware. But iconic as this heritage brand is, it still knows how to spice things up. And that’s exactly what they’re doing with their latest color release, a fiery hue that’s perfect for summer.

Meet Cayenne, a rich red-orange with as much peppery kick as her namesake. This modern, sensuous shade is serving us steamy summer sunsets, spicy shakshuka, and succulent peppers and tomatoes straight from the garden.

Credit: Le Creuset

Cayenne is available in some of Le Creuset’s most popular offerings, including the classic Round Dutch Oven and Heritage Rectangular Casserole (hello, summer berry cobbler). But the company is also celebrating this new shade with several stunning limited-edition releases: the Signature Soup Pot, Signature Curved Casserole, Rectangular Skinny Grill, and Shallow Fry Pan — which is just begging for a batch of paella.

If your cooking game needs a little inspiration, you’ll find it here. The energetic hues of Cayenne were designed to reignite your passion for culinary exploration, adding a pop of visual flavor to this summer’s backyard feasts and transporting you to far-off locales without leaving home. From the stovetop to the oven, the kitchen table to the picnic table, it inspires bold flavors and memorable feasts.

Credit: Le Creuset

Relaxed and modern, this zesty new shade also instantly feels at home in the Le Creuset family, so you can mix it right into your crew of iconic Flame, passionate Cerise, or luscious Nectar for a cookware collection that’s sure to make mouths water.

From meal to meal, you’ll be coming back for more. Which Cayenne beauty is calling to you?