Le Creuset’s July 4th Sale Is Here and Pieces Are Selling Out Fast!

updated Jul 1, 2020
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Fig stuffing in a Le Creuset cast iron skillet
Credit: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Jesse Szewczyk

From blooming flowers to gorgeous sunsets, summer is an explosion of color. And when it comes to colors, few cookware brands get it like Le Creuset. That’s why their timeless, ultra-durable pieces are so collectible. If you’re looking to add to your own Le Creuset collection (or start one!), now is the perfect time, because the brand is running a huge Specials event that includes everything from their iconic enamel cast-iron line to stainless steel cookware to stoneware pieces to select dinnerware. Inventory is limited, so if you have your heart set on anything included in the sale, act fast before it’s gone! Check out some of our favorite sale picks below.

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Credit: Le Creuset

1. 2.25-Qt. Braiser

Le Creuset’s braisers can really do it all. The flat bottom is perfect for browning meats or vegetables, the lid lets you steam veggies on the stovetop, and since the whole thing can go in the oven, there’s no limit to what you can roast, braise or slow cook. Though the braiser comes in a range of sizes, only the 2.25-qt. version is on sale. Some colors are sold out, but gorgeous options like the Carribean blue, rich green artichaut and marigold-toned nectar are still available.

Buy: 2.25-Qt. Braiser, $180 (normally $250)

Credit: Le Creuset

2. 10.25-inch Signature Skillet

Le Creuset’s signature skillets are like a hybrid between your favorite cast-iron pan and the brand’s beloved enamel pots. Great for searing steaks and baking skillet cornbread, the pan is oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, so you’ll be able to bake pizza and roast veggies in it, too!

Buy: 10.25-inch Signature Skillet, $100 (normally $180)

Credit: Le Creuset

3. 12.5-inch Nonstick Deep Fry Pan

A good non-stick pan is a kitchen essential, no matter the season! This incredibly roomy pan is deeper than a traditional frying pan, so it’ll do a better job of containing splatter if you’re preparing bacon and eggs, or shallow-frying things like crab cakes or potstickers. The three-ply stainless steel construction ensures even heating with no hot spots, and it works on any kind of stovetop, including induction.

Buy: 12.5-inch Nonstick Deep Fry Pan, $192 (normally $240)

Credit: Le Creuset

4. 10-Qt. Stockpot

Stockpots are one of the unsung heroes of summer cooking. The tall, fast-heating design makes them great for steaming shellfish, boiling corn or potatoes and even cooking up a ton of pasta for cold salads. The ultra-versatile 10-qt. version is a great size for making big batches of vegetable or bone broth and is a lot easier to carry when filled compared to a Dutch oven. Sale colors are limited, but we like Le Creuset’s classic Marseille and bright Flame colorways.

Buy: 10-Qt. Stockpot, $88, normally $110

Credit: Le Creuset

5. Heritage Oval Casserole

From cobblers to fruit crumbles to cheesy casseroles, Le Creuset’s stoneware casserole dish is ready for the job. It’s broiler, oven and microwave safe, and once you’re done, it can easily go into the dishwasher for fuss-free cleanup.

Buy: Heritage Oval Casserole, $80 (normally $115)

Credit: Le Creuset

6. Stainless Steel Saucier Pan

Many of the recipes you might ordinarily make in a straight-sided saucepan would benefit from a saucier; in particular, anything that requires stirring or constant attention. (Think polenta, small batches of risotto, custard, reductions or even pâte à choux.) The rounded-bottom edge of this saucier allows you to capture every last bit of what you’re stirring, so you don’t wind up with clumpy results. And since it comes with a lid, you can also use it to make small batches of grains and hard-boiled eggs.

Buy: Stainless Steel Saucier Pans, $152 (normally $190)

Credit: Le Creuset

7. Stainless Steel Roasting Pan with Nonstick Rack

You may not be thinking of Thanksgiving turkeys or holiday roasts right now, but your future self will be grateful if you pick up one of these two stainless-steel roasting pans. The small 10-by-14 inch and large 13-by-16 inch sizes each includes a nonstick rack to help you elevate whole chickens, pork roasts or large tenderloins for even cooking. You can also use the pan without the rack to roast vegetables or bones for a super-flavorful stock. Any juices that accumulate in the pan’s bottom can be poured off easily thanks to the tapered rim.

Buy: Stainless Steel Roasting Pan with Nonstick Rack, $120 (normally $150)