Le Creuset’s Gorgeous Baking Dish Has Totally Changed How I Cook Fish

published Jul 20, 2023
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Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Olwen Phillips

As a pescatarian, my fridge and freezer are both stocked with all kinds of fish. In fact, because it’s our main source of protein, we make fish part of our meals about three to four times per week. Salmon, ahi tuna, mahi mahi, cod, and halibut are staples, and I’ve figured out all sorts of ways to dress them up to keep things interesting. Still, things can start to feel a bit monotonous after a while! 

One way I’ve been able to keep our meals feeling fresh is to switch up how we cook our foods. A light fry in the skillet is an easy go-to, and the grill always makes for tasty depth of flavor. My favorite, though — especially when I’m running low on time or just don’t have the energy — is to pop a fillet into the oven. The only downside of this approach is that the fish can sometimes dry out, and it’s also a little tricky to create concentrated flavors.

All that changed recently when I got my hands on Le Creuset’s Fish Baker at a Le Creuset Factory Sale. Pro tip: If you ever get a chance to go to one of these, you absolutely must try to attend and take advantage of the incredible deals. 

What’s So Great About the Le Creuset Fish Baker?

No matter where you shop, the Le Creuset Fish Baker is a gorgeous oblong-shaped, covered baking dish made with the French brand’s iconic enameled stoneware. The lid is embossed with a fish motif and has a gold knob on top. Even if I didn’t buy this at a discount, I would gladly pay full-price — Le Creuset’s stoneware is truly unrivaled, in my opinion, and makes for an even bake every single time with no frustrating hot spots. The dish is large, but not overly so — it holds about two pounds of fish and you can still snuggle in some veggies on the side.

Credit: Wendy Rose Gould

Like most other Le Creuset bakeware, it comes in a handful of colors — Cerise, Marseille, Sea Salt, Agave, Oyster, and White. I have the White and it matches all my other bakeware well. The interior and exterior are both glazed, which helps retain incredible flavor and keeps food hot for longer. The nonstick glaze is also resistant to scratches and allows for easy cleanup.

Credit: Wendy Rose Gould

And speaking of the interior, there are ridges along the bottom — the herringbone design is a cute aesthetic touch, but it has function, too. The ridges help elevate the fish — and any other foods you cook inside — which lends to a more even bake and prevents the fish from sitting in its own drippings, which lends to a perfectly flaky, non-soggy fillet. 

I’ve loved how much Le Creuset’s Fish Baker has simplified my cooking and that it’s able to consistently create perfectly juicy, flavorful fish dishes. And of course, it goes without saying that the dish is absolutely beautiful. It makes for an impressive presentation that my husband and I enjoy when dining on our own, but also when we have guests over — it always gets a nice “Ooh!” when it comes out of the oven, and a hearty, “Yum!” once guests take their first bite.

Buy: Le Creuset Fish Baker, $125