Le Creuset Just Dropped a New Piece of Cookware That’s About to Become My Kitchen MVP

published Jul 5, 2024
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Le Creuset has become so iconic for its enameled cast iron cookware — namely, for its Dutch oven — that calling any of its products “underrated” seems like a bit of a stretch. However, beyond the brand’s bestseller list, there are plenty of gems that go under most shoppers’ radars if they aren’t regularly scouring its website. Lucky for you, we are. Off the top of my head, the stunning pet collection comes to mind, and so does the versatile tapas dish set.

Another that you might not have heard of yet? Le Creuset’s non-stick ceramic cookware line. That’s right: Though it might be legendary for its stoneware pieces, the brand has expanded its offerings to include easy-maintenance pans that are just as well-made. In fact, when we spoke to a Le Creuset representative about the brand’s most underrated items, this collection was the one he pointed out. The Shallow Braiser just might be the best out of them all. Read on to find out why you’ll use it for everything.

What is the Le Creuset Essential Nonstick Ceramic Shallow Braiser?

We already know that Le Creuset knows how to do nonstick cookware — our editor swears by the long-lasting PRO line — so we’ll bet that the newer Essential Nonstick Ceramic items are just as good. In addition to its easy-release ceramic coating, which is made without PFAs, the braiser is built with a heavy-gauge aluminum core for top-notch heat distribution. The stainless steel base and reinforced rim mean that it won’t warp and will hold up for years.

Credit: Le Creuset

Why You’ll Love the Le Creuset Essential Nonstick Ceramic Shallow Braiser

While it’s great to have a slew of dedicated cookware that helps you make particular dishes, the Le Creuset Essential Nonstick Ceramic Shallow Braiser is probably going to become the piece of cookware you’ll reach for the most, since it’s perfect for everyday meals and weeknight cooking. The wider base lets you add a bunch of ingredients at once without crowding the pan, which speeds up the cooking process on nights when time is of the essence. (Aka, most nights … am I right?) The tempered glass lid also circulates steam, which locks in moisture and flavor to help create tender, flavorful dishes. You can make everything from seared steaks and stir-fries to stews, braises, and steamed dishes in this ultra-versatile dish. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe, so cleanup is a breeze! 

So, for anyone who’s looking to upgrade their weeknight meal game, look no further than the Le Creuset Essential Nonstick Ceramic Shallow Braiser. It’s perfect for everyday cooking, and the versatility of this dish will pay for itself. And, with summer dinner parties in full swing, now’s the perfect time to add to your Le Creuset collection! 

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