The Silly Little Thing You Can Do to Make Your Le Creuset Even Fancier

The Silly Little Thing You Can Do to Make Your Le Creuset Even Fancier

(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

Several years ago, I saw something on the internet that was so unsettling, so unnecessary, and so start-to-finish wrong that, even as I type these words, I remain shooketh. (I just paused to steady myself, debating whether I should even expose you to this kind of thing.) Okay, here goes: There is a website that sells customized flame stickers that you can paste on your KitchenAid stand mixer, turning it from a tasteful appliance into something from a Guy Fieri-themed nightmare. DO NOT GOOGLE IT, not unless you're ready to be exposed to what looks like a yard sale in Flavortown.

(Image credit: Sur la Table)

Fortunately, not every aftermarket kitchen accessory is that Fieri-fied — but a lot of them are equally silly. For example, I've just learned that you can purchase a set of gold knobs for your Le Creuset cookware, in case the words "Le Creuset" embossed across its $300 lid wasn't quite upscale enough.

If you're still reading — whether because you're interested or because you're horrified — the knobs are available in small, medium, and large sizes at prices from $17.95 for a 1.5-inch knob that fits the one-quart Dutch oven or saucepan to $23.95 for the 2.5-inch large version, which can be attached to the biggest pots. (I did like Sur la Table's breakdown of "What's in the Box" when you order one: "Knob," it says. It doesn't get more matter-of-fact than that.)

Buy: Le Creuset Signature Gold Knobs, from $18 at Sur la Table

Le Creuset once even launched a limited-edition Gold Knob Collection. It's self explanatory, but just in case: The line featured some of the brand's most popular items — oval and round Dutch ovens, a braiser, a mini-coquette — with gold knobs already included and attached.

(Image credit: Williams Sonoma )

If collectible gold knobs are your thing, then you might be excited to know that Le Creuset has recently re-released a piece from its limited-edition line of Beauty and the Beast cookware. It comes with a gold knob that's etched with "Be Our Guest" in a delicate script.

Buy: Le Creuset Beauty and the Beast Soup Pot from Williams Sonoma, $280

If you want to pay $20 bucks to upgrade your existing lid with some new hardware, um, be my guest. As long as you don't accessorize with a set of stand mixer flames, you're still cool with me.

What do you think of these gold knobs? Super chic and nice to have or totally unnecessary?

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