The Le Creuset Tool I Can’t Stop Using — No, It’s Not a Dutch Oven

published Nov 17, 2023
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When we bought our first home, we got lucky — the kitchen was already newly renovated and move-in ready. We just love how modern and clean the marble countertops look paired with the white shaker cabinets and matte black pulls. This means I’m also a bit obsessed with keeping the counters as spotless and stain-free as possible. Thankfully, I’ve discovered a trusty tool that helps me do so with ease.

Using surface protectors to keep your counters safe is nothing new, but let me tell you that the Le Creuset Cool Tool Surface Protector is in a league all its own. It comes in handy every time I’m in the kitchen, and I can’t stop finding new ways to use it around the house.

There Are Many Ways to Use the Le Creuset Large Cool Tool Surface Protector

The silicone surface protectors are extremely versatile — especially when I’m cooking. I love it so much I have two in the Large size, and they’re the first thing I reach for when I’m preparing to go to work in the kitchen. I use them to quickly rest a hot plate or pot when I’m between cooking tasks. The surface protector is heat-resistant up to 482°F and it doesn’t warp or react to high heat temperatures like others can. (But you should use caution when using them this way and never place a surface protector on an open flame or direct heat source.)

Credit: Charli Penn

You know those tough-as-nails jars that put up a fight every time you try to open them? I grab this handy surface protector to get a good strong grip in seconds. They’re 11 1/1 inches squared, which is plenty of surface space to work with when I’m resting cooking utensils and pot lids while I’m making a meal.

The Large Cool Surfacer Protector is also the perfect helper when it’s time to serve a meal too. I have them in Black and because they’re as chic as they are helpful, I use them as trivets to protect my wooden dining table from steaming serveware. And did I mention it’s safe to use in the dishwasher, freezer, oven, and microwave? I wasn’t kidding when I said I keep finding new ways to use it.

Credit: Charli Penn

They’re super easy to clean and store.

When the meal’s over, these surface protectors couldn’t be easier to clean and store. The silicone is BPA-free and resistant to stains, odors, and flavor absorption and any mess wipes right off with a little dish detergent and water. Because the surface protector’s modern matte finish blends in so well with our kitchen, I use this large decorative damage-free hook to hang them on the side of our cabinet. It honestly adds to the decor!