Le Creuset Just Launched a New Color Inspired by a French Delicacy — and It’s Already on Sale

updated Feb 1, 2024
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Asparagus casserole in a baking dish and serving spoon.
Credit: Kelli Foster

When the temperature dips below 40 degrees and snowflakes start to dance in the air, my instinct kicks in: It’s time to hibernate indoors. Unless I find myself on a ski slope, the prospect of braving the cold isn’t exactly appealing. As the popular TikTok trend wisely puts it, “don’t act like it’s summer in the winter.” It’s the season to kick back, relax, and take things easy. For those cozy indoor moments, especially if you fancy yourself a cook or aspire to be one, there’s nothing quite like immersing yourself in the art of crafting warm stews, freshly baked bread, and comforting casserole dishes. And when it comes to reliable partners in the kitchen, Le Creuset, a French cookware manufacturer with generations of expertise, stands out as top dog.

What sets Le Creuset apart? Well, they’re not just a favorite among editors and readers; their stellar reputation has been well-earned through decades of producing top-notch cookware. And now, they’ve unveiled a new color called Brioche, a hue that demands immediate attention in our kitchens — especially since several of the products are on sale right now!

Credit: Le Creuset

This neutral and inviting shade is crafted to be a focal point on your stove or seamlessly integrate with your existing cookware. Picture it as a subtle nod to the warmth and tastefulness of a freshly baked brioche bread. The Brioche color is not limited to a single item, either — it graces a collection of 17 products, ranging from Le Creuset’s iconic Dutch oven and Signature Cassadou to their classic skillet, iconic pie dish, and stylish loaf pan.

If you’ve been contemplating an expansion of your cookware collection, the Brioche colorway is an irresistible invitation to do so — especially while some of the items are still on sale. Embrace the warmth, both in your kitchen and in the comforting hues of this delightful new addition.

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