This $30 Find Is the Best Thing To Ever Happen To My Refrigerator

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Credit: Maskot/Getty Images

Each year, I take the week after Christmas to tackle a few home organization projects to set myself up to enter the New Year clutter-free. This year’s goal of making more mindful food choices had me facing the inevitable task of purging my fridge. I quickly came to realize that it wasn’t so much what I had in my fridge, but rather how I had it organized that was the problem. Anything that didn’t have a designated spot in a door shelf or crisper drawer got lost in the deep recesses of the main shelves, never to be seen again until the next purge. It finally dawned on me that I needed a solution to keep my fridge just as tidy as my recent spice cabinet project. Enter: the fridge-friendly turntable! Now with a quick spin, I can find everything I need and my new year is off to a great start.

When it came to choosing a turntable, my goal was to find something sturdy yet roomy, that would easily fit jars and bottles of all shapes and sizes. With an 11.5-inch diameter, The Home Edit’s turntable is cleverly designed to fit into most counter-depth refrigerators and can hold large items along with plenty of other awkwardly shaped condiments like mustard and ketchup bottles. My favorite feature is the removable dividers, which unlike other turntables, allows me to configure the design to suit my needs. For instance, I removed one divider to fit large bottles of vinegar but kept the other three in place to neatly stack smaller bottles. And though I’ve challenged the turntable with varying sizes and weights of bottles, it still spins as easily as it did when empty.

Credit: AnnMarie Mattila

Another pro? The clear, see-through design that helps me keep tabs on what’s in my fridge. Because no matter how much I shove into it, I can still see that teeny-tiny bottle of capers that always seems to get lost otherwise. And when something drips or spills (seriously, day one!) I can spot it easily and quickly wipe it up. Now all of my condiments are visible, organized, and clean, giving me more time and energy to sort out the more perishable groceries I buy on a weekly basis and stay on top of my meal planning. Plus, I’m no longer buying additional groceries like that second tube of tomato paste by accident because it got overlooked in the corner. One spin and I can make my grocery list in a snap!

Since I was gifted a ton of specialty food items during the holidays (my friends know I’m a sucker for tasty jams), I may need to invest in a second turntable. But the great thing about them is that they can easily switch from fridge to pantry to bathroom to bedroom, so I know that I will always find a use for it, even outside of my kitchen. As for all the joy I’m getting from spinning my turntable? That’s just an added bonus!