This New Dairy-Free Yogurt Made with Pili Nuts Is as Creamy as the Real Thing

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Every new plant-based yogurt is cause for excitement. There are a lot of people in the world who don’t eat dairy but still want to add some richness and tang to their smoothies, or have something to top with berries and granola for breakfast. One of the newest and most interesting vegan yogurts on the market is Lavva, which is made with pili nuts, and it’s rich and creamy and contains no added sugars.

Pili nuts are a particularly buttery nut that are a good source of magnesium and vitamin E. Those nuts add a buttery richness to the yogurt, which is also made of coconut water, coconut cream, plantain, coconut powder, cassava root powder, lime juice, and live vegan probiotic cultures. Lavva dairy-free yogurt is vegan, Paleo, and Whole30-approved, with no added sugar.

Lavva is tart, with the familiar tang I’d expect from a dairy yogurt. The texture is a bit more grainy than dairy yogurt, but it’s still rich and creamy. It’s not as thick as a Greek-style yogurt, but it’s still pretty thick and behaves like yogurt on the spoon. It’s filling, too.

A 5.3-ounce serving has 170 calories, 13 grams of fat (10 saturated), 11 grams of carbohydrates with 6 grams of sugars and 0 added sugars. It has two grams of protein.

Lavva comes in five flavors: blueberry, pineapple, strawberry, raspberry, and original. All the flavors taste a bit like coconut, which I found very pleasant, but if you’re looking for a more neutral yogurt flavor, this one might not be what you’re looking for.

My favorite flavors were raspberry and original, because the raspberry flavor was lovely in conjunction with the coconut. It was great with granola on top.

The pineapple flavor has a bit of a lumpy texture from all the tiny chunks of pineapple in it, but I was still tempted to try blending it with ice and rum. (Could I still call that a smoothie?)

I particularly love that Lavva has no added sugar. I’m always looking for yogurts that contain real fruit, but no additional sweeteners. It’s hard to find, but Lavva does it.

The lack of sweetness was my favorite thing about this plant-based yogurt, but that might not be everybody’s cup of tea. If you prefer your yogurt sweeter, you might want to use it as a smoothie ingredient or drizzle it with a sweetener of your own. If you prefer your yogurt on the tart side, you might really like this one.