Lauren’s Tiny, Cozy Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Many residents of New York City understand what it’s like to live in tight spaces, but Lauren is living in merely 400 square feet and is lucky enough to have an almost full kitchen. She doesn’t have to worry about hot plates, or barely squeezing into her kitchen — she’s got plenty of room to maneuver.

She boasts that her home may only be 400 square feet, but the floor plan allows for dinner parties and even overnight guests. Her tiny apparently wasn’t always so inviting and cozy, it was a disaster when she purchased it and was able to transform it to an inspirationally small living space.

Her cabinets are match the wood throughout the house and the open shelves make the space feel much larger. She has her dishes neatly organized so it doesn’t seem messy or half finished. The addition of a modern backsplash, appliances and faucets — her kitchen seems like it belongs in a much larger home!

Images: Liz Vidyarthi