Late Winter Eating: Celeriac and Carrot Salad

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We have been pondering celeriac, or celery root. This distinctly unfriendly-looking vegetable tends to lurk off to the side of the produce section or farmer’s stand, its knobbly and hairy ridges a deterrent to even intrepid cooks. But we hear it’s pretty amazing, with innards that have a delicate sweetness when cooked. Here’s a recipe that we’re pondering, along with this heretofore unknown vegetable: celeriac and carrot salad with cilantro-coriander dressing.

Celeriac, as we explain here in our market spotlight on celery root, is a relative of celery but not its actual root. The stalks that may still be attached to your lump of celery root are much tougher than the fresh green celery we snack on.

But the root itself is delicious when baked in a gratin, boiled up with potatoes, or steamed in matchsticks, like in this recipe. We also like this recipe’s whimsy: just as celery root is a play on celery but not actually the real thing, cilantro and coriander are related but not identical: cilantro is the leaf of the plant, and coriander is the seed. So they all play well together.

Do you have a favorite recipe for celeriac?

• Get the recipe: Celeriac and Carrot Salad with Cilantro-Coriander Dressing at Metropolitan Home

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