6 Last-Minute Appetizer Tips for Your New Year’s Eve Par-tay!

published Dec 29, 2014
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New Year’s Eve is the party that feels a bit like a revolving door. Folks come and go constantly through the night, which is awesome, but it also makes serving food a little tricky. Here are a few tips for putting out the best apps in a snap (sorry, I had to) without making anyone feeling left out.

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Make Fresh Appetizers as Guests Arrive

Aside from the first rush of people through the door, it’s easy to make small bites for guests as they arrive. Sure, it means you’re in and out of the kitchen, but there’s some serious love in making things upon arrival. Pick something easy like toast with a spread and a vegetable/meat, so it’s easy to do in a flash!

Make Appetizers in Advance

Ack! Isn’t that the opposite of the above? Try making things that will hold up well to being made in advance and then kept warm in the oven. Pretzel bites, pizza poppers, hot wings, or small tarts or quiches are all great options. Ooh, or bacon-wrapped potato bites!

The More Appetizers, the Merrier

I’m a big app fan. I’d rather have 10 different apps and no real “meal” anywhere because I like nibbles and variety and I fear commitment. (Why do the walls feel like they’re closing in?) Make single recipes of all your favorites and let folks munch through the evening on all sorts of things. It also means that if you run out, whatever random frozen thing you have on hand will blend right in!

Don’t Forget the Easy Stuff

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in making the most amazing snacks that we can forget to put out some easy stuff in addition to the fancy fare. Chili and sea salt popcorn? You can make it in seconds. Bowl of nuts? Olives? Do it!

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Make Things You Could Eat for a Week

The best tip we have in our arsenal isn’t a recipe — it’s the idea of making something you love, especially if you end up having lots left over. Think about ingredients that can be used in different ways (like salad toppings) if you suddenly find yourself with 100 pieces of prosciutto-wrapped arugula.

When All Else Fails, Order a Pizza

No, seriously. Everyone loves pizza. (Even bad pizza!) It can save any situation, party, or awkward family event. Don’t believe us? Just try it!