Lasagna Cupcakes: Just the Right Size for Lunch

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

No, these aren’t actually cupcakes. But they are individually-sized lasagne, made with a simple yet brilliant ingredient. Do you know what it is?

Wonton wrappers! Little pasta-like sheets that are just the right size for a muffin pan.

Kate of the great blog Framed came up with these small cups of lasagna. She cut circles out of wonton wrappers so they would fit neatly into the muffin pan (although, honestly, we think you could dispense with this step) and then layered them with lasagna filling. You don’t even have to cook the wonton wrappers; you can find them pre-cooked in the refrigerated section of your local supermarket or Asian grocery.

These look so much easier and simpler than normal lasagna, and also so much nicer for a lunchbox. Big, messy, sloppy pieces of homemade lasagna are delicious but often a little more difficult to cut and eat at the office. These are pretty brilliant, if you ask us!

Get the recipe: Lasagna Cupcakes at Framed

Have you ever made lasagna in a muffin pan?

(Image: Kate Morgan Jackson/Framed)

(Originally published August 24, 2010)