There’s a New Must-Have for Butter Lovers

published Oct 22, 2018

The past decade or so has been bonkers when it comes to technological innovations, with countless breakthroughs and upgrades that have improved the products that we already felt like we couldn’t live without. Take the arrival of the smartphone, which means that we don’t have to press the number 7 four times to text the letter S. Or e-readers that let us take three-dozen books on vacation, when we know we won’t be reading anything more intense than a cocktail menu.

Then in the kitchen, there’s a new option for butter, thanks to the release of Land O Lakes Soft Squeeze® Spread — the first squeezable spread that’s made with butter.

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Now, we know it can be terrifying to be an early adopter. You might be thinking, I already have butter. Do I really need a squeezable spread, too? The short answer? Yes. The long answer? Definitely yes.

The thing is, there are times when squeezability offers advantages. Land O Lakes Soft Squeeze® Spread makes it easier to get that savory butter flavor right where you need it: on every single pancake, covering each individual kernel of corn, or in every little pocket of a Belgian waffle.

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We know it’s impossible to get mad at butter, but Land O Lakes Soft Squeeze® Spread does eliminate some of everyone’s butter-related frustrations. If you’ve ever split open a hot blueberry muffin, you know that trying to butter it can turn an Instagram-worthy baked good into an unflattering pile of torn-up muffin chunks. (On the bright side, at least you can eat the evidence.) The same goes for hot dinner rolls or — worst of all — toast. There is LITERALLY NOTHING WORSE than finding crumbs from yesterday morning’s toast still clinging to this morning’s butter.

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For meals beyond breakfast, Land O Lakes Soft Squeeze® Spread will evenly cover both sides of a grilled cheese before you put it in a hot pan and can ensure that every side dish — corn or green beans, mashed russet potatoes or baked sweet potatoes — will have an even distribution of the rich, buttery flavor you expect from Land O’Lakes. (Everyone knows that an unbuttered vegetable is a wasted opportunity.)

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Thank goodness for product innovations like these. And thank goodness it won’t take us the next seven months to text the words “Land O Lakes Soft Squeeze® Spread.” Now, will you pass the cocktail menu? We’re dying to know how it ends.

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