This Is the Goldilocks of Coolers

published May 16, 2023
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bottled drinks in lime green and orange cooler full of ice on the beach, closeup
Credit: hayatikayhan/Getty Images/iStockphoto

For the longest time, I’ve waffled between using teeny-tiny portable coolers with enough space for maybe a sandwich and a few drinks, and giant-sized coolers that are a real struggle to carry. Each one comes in handy for certain scenarios — a smaller size holds enough just for myself and a larger size is great for a big party — but I’ve routinely found myself wishing I had something that was a nice in-between. The Goldilocks of coolers, if you will.  

What’s So Great About the Laka 30 Cooler?

Enter: the rad-looking Laka 30 Cooler, which is truly the perfect medium-sized option and comes in a handful of cool colors such as icy blue, lime green, and highlighter yellow. There’s a smaller version called the 20 and a larger one called the 45, but for me, the 30 is just right. I’ve used so many other coolers that look great aesthetically but just aren’t up to the job when it comes to quality. But after checking out the specs on this one, I was pretty confident about my decision.

Credit: Wendy Rose Gould

The two large rubber wheels easily glide over everything from backyard pavers to rugged outdoor terrain. They’re some of the beefiest I’ve seen on a cooler, which gives me confidence to roll it around all spring and summer. I also love the comfy grip on the telescoping handle, which operates much like a suitcase handle at the push of a button. This makes it a cinch to move around, and when you’re done you just push the handle down so it’s out of the way. If you need to lift the cooler, there are two wide handles on the side for convenience.

Credit: Wendy Rose Gould

The Laka 30 also comes with a few extra bells and whistles that are pretty sweet. For example, it secures with two heavy-duty rubber latches that stay snugly closed but are easy to pop open with one hand. Having two latches also means extra security, should one inadvertently come loose during transit. There’s also a built-in metal bottle opener, which is ingenious considering how many times we’ve been somewhere with friends only to realize we haven’t got a proper way to open our beverages. And the cooler even has a cup holder! I also appreciate the grippy bottom — a nice perk if you’re hanging out on an otherwise slippery or sloped surface — as well as the drainage hole for convenience.

Credit: Wendy Rose Gould

Of course, none of these features matter if the cooler won’t keep your food and drinks cold — thankfully, it does. The wall of the Laka cooler is super thick, and the brand says that it can keep ice frozen for up to 10 days, which is wild and ultimately depends on how you stock the cooler. I haven’t had the need to test it out for 10 days (or the want — I’m a three-night max sort of camping girl), but it’s kept our stuff nice and chilled for an entire day — which is about as long as the snacks and drinks inside last anyway. 

The Laka 30 Cooler is a super fun and totally functional buy that checks all the boxes for me — especially as we head into warmer weather. We’ve tried a handful of different coolers over the years, but it’s been tricky to find one that’s the right size, easy to tote around, and great at keeping drinks cold — this one’s definitely a keeper.

Buy: Laka 30 Cooler, $239.99