Yes, 2018, LaCroix Swimwear Is Now a Thing That Exists

published May 14, 2018
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We’re just a couple of short weeks from the unofficial start of summer, which means it’s almost time to start thinking about covering ourselves in SPF 10,000 and spending Saturday afternoons at the beach or at the pool.

It’s also time to start thinking about how we’ll let everyone else know that we are LIT MILLENNIALS, which means we’ll either have to talk loudly about our avocado slicing injuries or mention that we’re getting VIP tickets for the Pizza Museum.

Or we could drop $40-plus bucks on a bathing suit that will make us look like a can of sparkling water. If, like me, you love LaCroix so much that you’ve daydreamed about making a home for yourself inside one of its signature pastel colored cans, this is the swimwear for you.

Los Angeles-based designer Eric Wu has launched both one-piece suits and trunks on his site, Public Space (or P U B L I C S P A C E, if you’re still into vaporwave), and each cut is available in five, uh, flavors: Pamplemousse, Lime, Passionfruit, Pure, Raspberry, and Lemon.

The biggest question is clearly how to choose which suit to add to your cart. Yes, we’ve already taken a half-dozen “Which LaCroix flavor are you?” quizzes, but unlike our Hogwarts house (RAVENCLAW FOREVER), the answers seem negotiable. We may or may not have just spent 30 minutes reading LaCroix’s own surprisingly generic flavor descriptions in an attempt to narrow this down.

Although, like Lime, we like to think that we’re “always a crowd-pleaser,” at some point this summer we’ll definitely feel like the “soggy fruit floater” that Lemon tries to distance itself from. (Also, confidential to LaCroix, your descriptions sound like they were written by Google Translate; you have way too many berry puns and if a flavor’s biggest selling point is the colors on its can, there’s no way I’m ever buying it.)

Anyway, see you at the pool. We’ll be the ones playing Call Me Maybe on repeat and wearing a Lycra LaCroix costume.