The Best Ways to Use Your Extra Day This Weekend

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Happy Labor Day Weekend! While everyone else online (and social media) laments about summer being over, we want to use this time to remind you that you probably have a bonus day off on Monday. That’s a free day to do whatever you want! You can use it to do something fun, or something productive, or something fun and then something productive!

What to do? We’ve got some suggestions.

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1. Do some online shopping.

Labor Day mattress sales get all the hype, but the deals extend far and wide beyond sleep stuff. To prove it to you, we’ve rounded up some of the best sales happening this weekend.

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2. Go to the farmers market.

Summer produce is about to be a fleeting memory, so get as much of it as you can, while you can! At the very least, get a bunch of tomatoes and corn. If you’re looking for inspiration beyond those two things, let this list be your guide.

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3. Play a lawn game.

Grab a beer or pour yourself a drink (ideally in a shatterproof cup!) and spend an hour or two playing a lawn game. Why? Lawn games are fun. That’s why.

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4. Go sign up for a Costco membership.

You’ve probably noticed that we write a lot about Costco. That’s because the warehouse store’s pricing and product quality is hard to beat. We strongly believe that a Costco membership pays for itself and that there are even ways to make it work when you don’t have a large family. Take an afternoon to go sign up and browse the aisles.

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5. Start an indoor garden.

It’s a little late, depending on where you live, to start thinking about an outdoor garden. But that’s what countertops and windowsills were invented for! (Okay, not really, but you get our point!)

Some Suggestions for Your Indoor Garden

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6. Clean out your fridge and freezer.

Got some leftovers from, um, who knows when? Carve out a bit of time to clean out your fridge and freezer. Bonus: If it’s hot where you are, the cold air can help cool you off. Just don’t leave the doors open for too long!

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7. Deal with those pesky fruit flies.

Maybe you’ve just been batting them away because you were late for work or too tired to deal with them at the end of the day, but now is the time to deal with fruit flies if you have them. Catching them is really not hard. We promise.

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8. Organize a drawer.

Pick a drawer — any drawer — and organize it. Don’t have a drawer? Organize something else (your countertop, a pantry shelf, and your container cabinet are all good candidates!)! Just do one small thing and you’ll feel so accomplished, you just might want to tackle another cluttered area.

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9. Meal plan for the week.

If you aren’t much of a meal planner, this week would be a good one to get started because it’s a shorter work week. Where to start? We’ve got it covered.

Meal Planning for Beginners

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10. Cook something!

You probably thought of this well before we suggested it (you love home cooking just as much as we do!). Here are some specific ideas.

Long Weekend Cooking Projects

What are you doing this weekend?